Chapter 8

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I open the door and there is a cop standing in front of me.

Remember the part where I said I don't really care anymore?

Ya, I didn't put my scarf on.

I slammed the door and yelled through the door. GIVE ME A SEC.

I quickly put my scarf on and opened the door.

It was the same cop from before. He told me that in the morning he will have to talk to me.

I said ok. And went back to sleep.

Peacefully thank you, lord.

I woke up really late. Around 2:30 ish.
Which was of course visiting hours.

I ate my breakfast at the food court kind of place and waited very uncomfortably. I was too stressed to know what the cop was going to say

As much as I hated my brother I told him. I called him and explained everything. But not the Mr.Idiot part. Which is not much then.

He told me to make duaa and pray to the lord and make sure that nothing will happen.

I did as he said and went to my room. I locked the door behind me making sure that no one will come in.

I made wudoo and prayed.

I waited patiently for the cop to come. And I finally heard a knock on the door.

It was the cop. He told me something was wrong with my BEST friend. (Our town is small)
I had a mini heart attack. But then asked what happened.

He then responded with that she got severely injured by someone...

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