You don't need him

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"Jimmy Jr. Dumped me again! It's not fair ugh!" Tina said slamming her bedroom door shut.

"Tina are you okay?" Linda asked.

"Just leave me alone." Tina said.

"Can I come in? I only want to talk." Linda said in a loving tone.

"No!" Tina said.

"Please, I only want to help..." Linda asked.

"Oh alright." Tina said as she opened the door. Tears were streaming all down Tina's face. Linda sat on Tina's bed next to her and pulled Tina in for a hug.

"There, there sweetheart it's okay. You don't need Jimmy. He's an asshole anyway." Linda said.

"You really think that?  He's the boy of my dreams." Tina said.

"There's other boys out there Tina. The right one is looking for you right now." Linda said.

"Really?" TIna asked.

"I know it." Linda said.

"But why is my heart still broken?" Tina asked.

"It'll take some time. You'll get over it. You're strong I know you are." Linda said. Linda started singing to try to cheer Tina up.

You get blue like everyone

But me and your dad

Can make your troubles go away

Blow away, there they go...

Cheer up, Tina

Give me a smile

What happened to the smile I used to know

Don't you know your grin has always

Been my sunshine;

Let that sunshine show...

Come on, Tina

No need to frown

Deep down you know tomorrow is your toy...

When the days get heavy

Never pitter pat'em

Up and at'em girl

Some day, sweet as a song

Tina's lucky day will come along

Till that day

You've got to stay strong Tina

Up on top is right where you belong

Look up, Tina

You'll see a star

Just follow it and keep your dreams in view

Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up Tina,

Cheer up Tina

Just be glad you're you.

"Thanks mom. I love you." Tina said.

"I love you too." Linda said.

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