Chapter 15 - Date

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Today was the day. The day of my first date with Mark.


We were meant to meet at 1:00 o'clock in the locker area and it was already 11. I hadn't touched anything beauty related since I woke up. I probably looked horrible.

My thoughts were confirmed when Bella walked in to help me and jumped when she saw me.

"Oh dear lo- Okay Deborah. Go sit in that chair I'm going to need a lot more than I brought." Bella ran back into the bathroom across the hall and came back with stuff piled high on her arms. She sat everything on her bed and then went to work on my makeup.

I despised wearing makeup. I only did it very rarely for concerts or talk shows but Bella had been wearing it daily since the 7th grade and knew what she was doing by this point.

I had let her move my head as she needed while she applied some sort of liquid. It felt like oil and it cooled my skin. All was well until she started beating my face with a piece of foam.

I sat up so quickly that Bella dropped whatever she had been holding.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT ME, WOMAN?!?!?!?" Bella began to laugh at my sudden outburst.

"It's-hah-it's" Bella was struggling to get the words out.

"It's just a beauty blender" Bella bent over in laughter.

"JUST A BEAUTY BLENDER MY ASS. IT'S-A KILLING MASCHINE!!!" I was yelling hysterically at this point but I didn't care.

"Deborah just relax. I'm just putting on your foundation. Now would you calm down? You want to look good for Mark right...?

"yeah.." I grumbled but sat back in my seat and Bella went to work again.

After another 20 minutes or so, Bella was finally done with my makeup and was going through my closet for a good outfit for my date, which happened to be in 30 minutes. Bella finally settled on a pair of whitewashed skinny jeans, an oversized cropped white shirt, and my NIKEs.

My hair was as unruly as ever but somehow I managed to get it into a braid across my shoulder. I packed a small purse, grabbed my keys, said bye to Bella, and then headed out the door.


My phone dinged and I pulled it quickly out of my back pocket.

foreignswagger99: walking to the café now. see you soon

It was already 1:19 pm but it didn't matter to me if he was late, as long as he came.

My stomach twisted into a knot as I saw a black van pull up and the side door opened. As Mark got out, the knot grew. But when he looked me in the eyes - oh girl the butterflies in my chest went crazy

"Hey!" Mark walked over to me, a smile on his face. I looked down at my shoes.


"You're so cute when you're nervous. Do you know that?"

My head shot up quickly but Mark had already grabbed my hand and was pulling me into the Café.

Did Mark just call me cute?!

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