Great wall

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Scattered and divided,
Yet you stand.
Crated and grated,
Yet you plan.

You look not at your condition,
You look not at your state.
For you see the future,
And you know it will be served
To you in a plate.

But what is this you come by?
Everyone that stands,
Everyone that leads,
Goes there and only pleads.

Even though we have given it all,
Even though we have taken our vow.
Why do you still live with greed?

Woe oh you blind men,
Who lead us to the lion's den.
Woe oh you greedy men,
Who take the money,
But leave the hen.

But your days are numbered,
And the men have had enough,
Now the hero is mustered,
Brave enough to do it all.

He will lead us to the spring,
He will lead us to the spin,
Maybe in battle, maybe in war,
As long as he is trying,
We will stay will as all.

Woe oh, you empty devils,
Who sell their mothers for a little gold
Woe oh, you rugged beasts,
For you know nothing,
But to satisfy your basic needs.

But this hero is coming,
And he will kill you all,
He will bring our vengeance,
And then lead through the hall.

He will give us what we truly deserve,
And he will build for us,
A great wall.


The Dead Revolutionary

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