Chapter 13 - Please

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I was sitting on my bed, my head full of thoughts from the night of our debut. With Mark. It seemed that I still couldn't process what Mark had told me. He was X. And he liked me. 

It just seemed too weird to me - someone like me that is. No one had liked me since high school with Let's not go there. The memories hurt too much. 

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts and the fell off the bed, startled, as Bella kicked the bedroom door open and threw one of her shoes at the ceiling. 


never in my life would I have thought someone would kick in my bedroom door. 

I really was not in the mood for Bella's yelling right now. 

"Bella, what are you doing here? You don't just kick someone's bedroom door in!" My voice sounded more tired than I had anticipated. 

"Um, One - This is my room too. Two - Since it's my room, I have the right to kick my own door in. LEAVE ME BE!" 

This is such a headache.

"Bella..." I start.

"Have you had any sugar lately...?" I continue, knowing this could be the cause of her hyper-ness. 

"Yes, yes I did. 'Mr. Director man thing' brought them. They're downstairs. Do you want any?" She leaps onto her bed and begins to jump up and down. 

"Bella. Was it chocolates..." Since I know that Bella is lactose intolerant, chocolates could end in a very painful night for her. Ever since middle school, I have been making sure she takes her pills when needed and stays away from milk if at all possible. 

"Uh..yeah they did. Chocolate hearts have chocolate in them. duh."

"Bella! You can't eat those! One, you're lactose intolerant, and two, we're meant to be on diets! We have another stage coming up soon and we want to stay fit right?!" I could hear the exasperation in my voice but I was way too tired to stop it.

"Look, whatever. I just need some time to think okay? There's just...a lot going through my head at the moment." I lay back on the bed as I said this, feeling worn out even after such a short conversation. 

"Debi, is everything alright? Are you okay?" Bella glanced at me, a worried look on her face. 

"Yeah, I mean, I guess everything's fine. I was just thinking about what I should do concerning the situation with Ma-" I clamped my hand over my mouth as I realized what I had been about to say. 

"The situation concerning who? Wait! Is this about that thing that you told the girls and me about?"

I had told the other members in our group about what had happened but I had not said Mark's name. Honestly, I don't know why I didn't. I guess it just seemed wrong to out him like that especially with how the girls had reacted to the story. Picture this:

A really drunk Soo Jin who is falling off her chair

Bella and Bahar screaming about girl power, not letting guys control us and overall being the feminists they are.

The owner of the bar kicking us out for being too loud.

It had been a really fun night

I snapped back to reality as Bella repeated her question and I managed formed an answer. 

"Uh..yeah it is. You know, I shouldn't be talking about this. I'm just going to go somewhere okay?" I got up and walked over to get my purse. As I did, the drawer that I kept all of Mark's letters in was slightly cracked, showing me a sliver of his handwriting. 

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