Chapter 12 - Decisions

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A/N: yes. this is a really boring chapter but I didn't have a lot of inspiration On the plus side: it's not so bad that you guys will hate me (hopefully).

I hope you enjoy it!


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Bella, Bahar, Soo Jin and I had spent the last few hours trying to persuade our manager to let us go out and have a "girls day" at the shopping mall that was only a bit out of Seoul's borders. It would only take us around an hour to get to and since it was so far away, it's likely most people would not recognize us. 

I think it was our amazing aegyo that made our manager crumble and agree to let us go. On one condition. 

"You girls just debuted and you don't have many stans yet. The board at decided that you should start making a reality TV show to get kpop-ers more interested in "Young and Free". So - you guys can go to the mall - if you agree to film yourselves while you're there."

We had hurriedly agreed because, well it's shopping.

And that's how we got here. In the middle of a giant shopping mall, our arms and hands full of bags, and trailing almost 20 cameramen.  We were definitely a sight. 

While we had been in Sephora, there had been a pair of two young girls, maybe around the age of 13, who had been at our debut concert. They had shyly walked over as soon as they had recognized us. Bella and Soo Jin, being the extraverts they were, immediately started talking to the girls, taking selfies with them and being social. Bahar glanced up, waved and went back to looking for the perfect shade of lipstick. 

I didn't know what to do so I kind of just stood there awkwardly looking like a bean pole. I pulled out my phone to text someone. Anyone. Then I heard Soo Jin ask the girls a question that caught my attention. 

"Who are your biases?" She asked, her voice sounding light and upbeat. 

I nudged Bahar and we walked awkwardly over and joined in on the conversation. 

"Yeah! Which one of us?" I asked looking at the taller girl who and been talking with Bella. She looked back at me, confused and awkward. 

Bella, Bahar, and Soo Jin started to laugh.  Soo Jin covered her face with her hand as she laughed, Bahar chuckled in the corner and Bella was sprawled out on the floor dying with laughter. 

shoot. What did I say wrong?!

When Bella caught her breath back she spoke. 

"Are we part of BTS now?!" She doubled over with laughter again as my face went cherry red. 


"Um...well my bias in BTS is Jungkookie.." The taller girl said still looking awkward. 

"Yeah! Me too! High five Sun Hae!" Bella high fived the girl and her face lit up. 

"And what about you?" Soo Jin asked the smaller girl. 

"I..I like Taehyung...but Namjoon is also my favorite.." She looked up at Soo Jin and smiled widely when Soo Jin gave her a fist bump. 

"Hahaha, I like Namjoon too Yun Hae!" 

So "Sun Hae" and "Yun Hae". Those are pretty names!

I looked at the girls once again. Actually, besides the height difference, they looked pretty similar.

"Are you girls sisters?" I asked them. 

"Yeah, we are! Identical twins actually!" Sun Hae said.

"That's so cool!" I said, meaning it. I had always wished I was a twin. It's like having a built-in best friend. 


Bahar suggested we go to a coffee shop and talk some more so we headed over to a Starbucks that was a few stores down and spent some more time with the twins. Once they left, we decided it was time to go back to our apartment and get some rest before our dance practice later that day. 

On our way out, however, someone else recognized us. Someone recognized me

When he saw me, he waved and walked over. He was wearing a red button-down shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. His hair was almost completely hidden under a Gucci hat, but I noticed that it had been dyed blue. 

My face fell slightly when I saw him start to approach us. He also had a cameraman trailing behind him.

Chujin. What is he doing here?!

Since Bella and Bahar knew who he was from what I had told them, they hesitated and stopped when they saw him. Because Soo Jin had not known me for as long as the other girls, she went up to him and started to make conversation. It was weird how comfortable she was with him. Almost as if she knew him. 

"Oh my gosh, Chunjin! I didn't know you were here! How are you?" She had a smile on her face.

Wait a second. Does she actually know him? Why hasn't she told us?

"Hi, Soo Jin! I didn't know you would be here either. I would apologize for the cameraman behind me but," He looked behind us. 

"You seem to have some too." He chuckled to himself. Soo Jin giggled too.

"Are you in a group as well?" Bella still looked awkward but she seemed genuinely interested. 

Please, Soo Jin, no. Please don't tell me you're friends with him. 

"Haha, actually, yes I am. I debuted just over a year ago in a group called 'MyTeen'. Deborah would know that though."

I lowered my head as he looked at me. 

"RIght?" I could hear the hurt in his voice but I don't think Soo Jin did. 

She didn't know him as I did. She doesn't.

"Haha. Why would Deborah know Chunjin? She doesn't even know who you are!"

Chunjun looked confused but I cut him off as be began to speak. 

"Soo Jin, is he your friend?" I could feel my voice shaking but I couldn't help it. 

"Yeah, he is! I met him while auditioning. We've stayed in touch ever since. He is so nice. Really. And really smart too!" She smiled even wider.

Bahar tried to break the awkwardness in the air. 

"Soo Jin, it sounds like you're trying to replace Baekhyun! Haha" 

Soo Jin's face fell. 

"Nonononononononono! I would never replace him! Chunjin is just a friend."

I had to laugh a bit at her worried face but it didn't help the churning happening in my stomach. It felt like I had a knot in my through. 

"But wait.." Soo Jin started to say. 

Soo Jin. No.

"Chunjin you never answered my question! Why would Deborah know that you had debuted?"

please. not now.

His face went from awkwardness to pain but finally stopped on a shy smile. 

"Well.." He started. 


He looked around at all of us but his eyes lingered on my face for a moment longer than necessary. 

"Deborah's my ex-girlfriend."

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