Chapter 11 - Time

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A/N im so sorry this took so long to come out. I swear I sat at my laptop for a solid 2 hours just staring at the screen. And I wrote a crappy chapter anyways. It may have been because I was listening to "Control" by Hasley. not the best music for a love scene...heh.

hope you don't completely hate me after this chapter that is written like trash :P


I walked down the path in between tall hedges to get to the water fountain that was placed in the middle of the garden. Because of how late it was, the sky had gone a dark purple, and the fairy lamps lit my way down the path. They shone in a million different colors, making the whole scene look like something out of a fairy tale. 

I checked my phone. 

21:27 pm 

Okay. I'm almost there. I can make it on time, right?

I broke into a light jog on my way to the fountain. I was desperate to find out who X was. Originally, I was hesitant. There was no hesitation as I broke through the last turn and got to the glittering water fountain. The water shot up in spirals in all directions. It was mesmerizing. I could barely take my eyes off it before I noticed the figure standing right behind it. 

His eyes were hidden under the shadow of the growing darkness and his mask covering most of his face. His hair, shaggy, fell into his eyes as he looked up. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater with a long trenchcoat on top. I noticed with surprise that his clothes were wet and he seemed to be shivering. 

Why would his clothes be wet?! He must be so cold... WAIT...

I quickly looked back up to see that he had moved towards me and was continuously getting closer. When he was close enough that I could reach out my hand to touch him, I noticed his eyes. 

A dark brown - almost black and they seemed to reflect everything in them. Almost like a mirror. They reflected everything in them. I could see myself. I looked so small. I could see the reflection of the glorious water fountain as it changed colors behind me. Blue to purple. Purple to pink. It looked magical and made the scene that lay before me seem even more fictional, like something out of a toddler's fantasies.  

Sometimes, you can see people's emotions in their eyes. This was one of those times.  I could see excitement, joy, anxiety, desire. And maybe, just maybe, a little bit of fear.

"X...I..-" I studdered and fell over my words. My brain was having trouble making sentences. Probably because it was focusing completely on steadying my arm as I reach out to X's face in front of me.  

He was still wearing his mask, obscuring himself from my view. My fingertips brush his face slowly before I move my hand slightly down and begin to pull off the mask covering the lower half of his face. The mask slipped off completely and he raised his face so that I could see all of it. 

The man standing in front of me was one I would have never imagined could ever be X. I was lost in his eyes.

I was lost in the eyes of Mark Lee.

I can't believe it.

"Y...wait.. no. What do I call you?" X's, or rather, Mark's, eyes shone with happiness as he scanned your whole face as if memorizing every little detail of it. 

"Y-You can call me Debi. Well, my real name is Deborah but my stage name is Debi and that's what my friends call me and I think you are my friend but I don't know. if you don't want to be my friend that's fine. I-" When I realized I was rambling I quickly shut my mouth. 

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