Chapter 10 - Meet Me

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I walked downstairs to the main entrance to see who was waiting for us. On the way down the staircase, I ran into Bella, Bahar and Soo Jin who were on their way down as well. 

As we entered the lobby, there were three dark silhouettes standing in the doorway, the sunlight streaming in behind them. Bahar was the first to recognize who was waiting for us.

Well, waiting for everyone minus me.

Bahar's face lit up and she broke into a sprint, bolting towards one of the shadows. She jumped into the person's arms and hugged them tightly, a huge smile on her face. It took less than 1 second for Bella and Soo Jin to run up to the other two visitors and I was left standing alone once again. 

As I moved closer, I recognized the visitors as well. They were Joshua Hong from Seventeen, Byun Baek-Hyun from EXO and Min Yoongi from BTS.

Other than Joshua, I didn't know the other guys very much. Yoongi was always too busy - what with all BTS being the most likes group in the world at the moment and all their upcoming comebacks. I knew that any free moment he had he would likely spend with Bahar sense he didn't get to see her as often as he would like.  

I had only met Baekhyun one other time - the day that he and Soo Jin got together. There was a huge meet-and-greet for all the popular groups and the trainees or rookie groups. EXO's stand had been right next to ours and Soo Jin and Baekhyun started getting a little friendly even from the first introduction. I didn't take long for them to get together which was surprising for her members since she is a very quiet and shy person in general but I think Baekhyun just brings the best out of her. To be honest, I didn't think that they were very serious but considering he showed up on her debut day, I guess I was wrong. 

Joshua leaned down and gave Bella a peck on the cheek before turning to us and beginning to speak. 

"We were all out in the audience. You guys are really good!"

"You're just saying that because you're my boyfriend," Bella said giving him a knowing glance. 

"No! I really mean it! You guys were amazing - especially for your first time being on stage!" Joshua looked slightly offended at Bella's remark but in a joking way. Yoongi spoke up.

"I agree. You guys were amazing. You could really make it big in this industry - especially with your stunning visuals." He looked around at all of us before his eyes landed on Bahar and lingered there for a moment more than the rest of us. 

"Get a room," I muttered under my breath, not expecting anyone to hear. I knew I was mistaken when I looked up and saw Bahar shooting daggers at me with her eyes.

"Would you guys mind if I take Soo Jin out for a bit?" Baekhyun asked us slowly. He looked at me for recognition. I nodded my head towards him and a huge smile broke out on his face and he began to lead Soo Jin towards the exit off to the side. 

I excused myself politely from the conversation as the pairs began to break off into their separate couples. 

I made sure I had my wallet and phone with me before I headed toward the vending machine in the corner. 

I spent a few minutes deciding what to buy. I was having a war in my mind.

Should I get the apple chips to be healthy? Or just get a Snickers bar and be done with it?

As you can see, I was very torn apart by my choices. 

In the end, I decided to get the apple chips to make my manager happy but I also got a 7up to balance out the healthiness.

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