Chapter 8 - Concert pt. 1

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It's happening.

It's really happening.

I can't believe it.

We're debuting.


I can hear the crowd cheering. Them singing our songs. Clapping along to the rhythm...

We will become the most popular girl group in the world. Our merch sales will be off the roof and people will be stalking us online like the creepy fanboys and fangirls they are...

"Rachel where did you put the extra microphone?! Bahar's hasn't been working. I think Joe broke it when we dropped them on his way in. Oops! I'm sorry hon!"

The stage helper bumping into me brought me out of my fantasy. The concert started in less than an hour and we were set to go on last. Everyone was hustling around trying to make sure the speakers, microphones and light systems were all working before we went on stage to do one final run through of the order and songs we were going to do.

The main highlight of the night was the big NCT performance with around 10 songs throughout the whole night. There was also an appearance of BlackPink, (G)IDLE and a short performance that would come as a surprise to everyone in the audience - a single song performance by the very popular group - 방탄소년단, or otherwise known as BTS!! Since I was an ARMY, along with Bella and Bahar, I was also very excited about this performance. I couldn't even feel excitement at the moment though.

I'm so nervous I can't feel my toes

I cannot believe we're finally debuting.

After 4 years. The time is finally here.

"Deborah, it's time to go on for your dance practice."

"Okay, I'll be there in a moment."

I made sure that my microphone was in place and my headset was turned on then headed out to the stage. From my position, I could see all the seats that were empty - waiting for people to sit in them and enjoy the show. I couldn't wait.

I walked over to the other girls and we got into our starting position.

This is going to be great


I was sweaty and out of breath from the amount of excesive practicing that "Young and Free" had just done. Bella looked about ready to pass out and even our lead dancer Soo Jin looked tired.

I hope we will actually be cut out to be in the KPOP industry. This is hard work.

"Do y'all want to go get some ice cream?" Bella asked, a hopeful look on her face.

"I know an amazing place around the corner from here. It has vegan options too." Bahar said, glancing at Bella and Soo Jin. Bella was lactose intolerant and Soo Jin was on a vegan diet as orders from our manager.

"I'm down." I said, still out of breath.

We went over to the Stage director who was going through the papers on her clipboard and in the middle of talking to our Manager about the special effects that were meant to be going on in the background of our performance. Nothing extravagant - just a few lyrics disguised with colorful shapes and animation. Our producers had worked for hours on end to make sure that the background included a little bit of each of our personalities so that out fans-to-be would already know us a bit.

"Hey. Can we go out for some ice cream?" Soo Jin asked, her aegyo turned on with full power.

"Sure girls, just be back in time for the beginning of the concert." The Stage director said while turning back to her clipboard.

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