Chapter 5 - Good Luck

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There was another letter from X the next day.

The night before, I had hurriedly written a reply since I wasn't feeling so well. I think I might have come down with a cold or something. I hadn't expected to have a reply so soon, but apparently, X was very on top of things. 

Unlike me. 

I hung the letter in my locker door with a magnet to read later. I had dance practice. Again. This time, however, I had had Soo Jin's help to learn the dance. I didn't want to cause Bahar any more stress than was already on her and I think the realization that we were debuting in a few days had finally hit me in the face. 

Wow. We're filming the MV tomorrow. Where has all the time gone?!

I entered the dance studio to find that it was already occupied. By none other than SHINee. 

Why did you have to walk in on them of all people?!

 I tried not to die on the inside as Minho turned to stare at me. 

"IM SORRY," I said hurriedly. 

I bowed and left the room, closing the door behind me. 

Oh my gosh, Deborah, you have been going to this dance studio for 6 years as a trainee. How do you manage to mess up the rooms now?!

I rushed back towards my dance room.

Now Bahar is bound to yell at you, Deborah. Stupid!

I flung the door open and rushed inside the studio, interrupting Seonsaeng as I did so. 

"Nice of you to come, Debi, but could you try to keep the door on its hinges, please?" 

"I'm sorry Seonsaeng-nim." I bowed and threw my bag off to the side. 

As I went to go stand in line with the other girls, I noticed Bahar glaring at me. 

I'm gonna die tonight, I just know it. 

We practiced L.O.V.E again, and I managed not to mess up at all. Of course, Bahar was still pissed. But then again, when has she ever been not-pissed?

When we started "Remember Me", I messed up on the starting position. And then again on the second line. My line. 

"SONG MIN DEBORAH WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" Bahar screamed at the top of her lungs. It was so loud that I'm pretty sure SHINee from 2 rooms down heard it.  

This is gonna be a long practice.


As soon as practice was over, I grabbed my letter from my locker and headed back up to the apartment. I fell backward onto my bed and began reading. 


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