Chapter 4 - Feelings

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Dance practice.


At least we were practicing a song I did know the dance to, "Perfect". Because of this fact, our practice flew by for me. Our Seonsaeng was very impressed when no one ended up on the floor today. That is a major improvement from the last few times. Soo Jin had already left because she had rapping lessons directly after. Seonsaeng said that we could have a bit of free time because we were so good today.

"BELLA!" I screamed

"DEBI!" She screamed back

"BAHAR HYUNG" we screamed together.

"Okay, okay I'm going." Bahar said, scrolling through her phone.

Suddenly, "Gee" By Girls Generation started blasting on full volume.

너무 반짝반짝 눈이 부셔
No no no no no
너무 깜짝깜짝 놀란 나는
Oh oh oh oh oh
너무 짜릿짜릿 몸이 떨려
Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee
Oh 젖은 눈빛 Oh yeah
Oh 좋은 향기 Oh yeah yeah yeah

Bella and I are already in the middle of the floor dancing by the first note.

"GEE GEE GEE GEE GEEEEEE" We scream at the same time. We have practiced this dance for so many hours its kind unbelievable. We were perfectly in sync as we dance, laughing the whole time. Our Seonsaeng was clapping along to the beat in the corner. The music was so loud that we didn't hear or notice when the door opened and some people walked in. Important people.

I glanced up from my dancing and stared in horror at the people who had just walked through the door to the dance studio and were now staring at us, some laughing.



I nudged Bella to stop dancing too and nodded towards NCT and she froze, suddenly really embarrassed. I glanced over to see what the other people in the room where doing at this moment and saw that they Bahar, Soo Jin and Seonsaeng were all laughing their heads off.

oh. my. gosh. I'm completely mortified

I looked over at Bella again and saw that she had just gone back to dancing. Some NCT members were clapping and laughing as she danced, egging her on. I needed to do something instead of just standing here like an idiot.

Think Deborah. Think. What can you do that isn't awkward?!

Bella motioned for me to continue dancing with her.

"Cmon debi. It's just a dance."  She said, pulling me over to the middle of the floor.

She's right. Just do this.

"LET'S GET IT!" I said at the top of my lungs. If I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it loudly.

When the chorus hit again we motioned for people to come and join us. Jaemin, Ten and Johnny ran up to us and joined in the dance. At this point, the rest of NCT and everyone from our group was laughing and whooping at our performance.

We all breathed heavily for a few seconds when the song ended and then high fives each other.

We could be a good team when we wanted.

We bowed in unison while people continued to clap and laugh at us. As we bowed, however, I noticed that Mark wasn't clapping. He was, rather, staring at us.


I shrugged it of and walked over to where my bag at been at the beginning of practice. It wasn't there.

Huh. Where'd it go?

"Hey Soo Jin, have you seen my bag?"

"Oh yeah. It was in the way so I moved it into the hall. I hope that's okay.." Soo Jin looks at me guiltily. 

"Oh! It's completely fine. We should probably get going anyway." I said, glancing back at NCT. Mark was still looking our way. 

what's up with him today?!

As Young and Free made our way out the door, I realized I hadn't checked for a letter yet this morning.  

How in the world had I forgotten?!

I broke off from the group and headed back towards the dance studio to check my locker for any new replies. I had delivered my letter yesterday after Bahar got home. I had left her in charge of the noodles and I rushed over to the dance studio and slipped my letter through the crack in the locker door. No one had been there so the room had been dark. 

I hope I put the letter in the right locker.....No. I did. I'm sure of it. I counted. twice. Okay. Good. Calm down, Debi. Everything's okay. 

I opened my locker door and a piece of paper fell out.


I grabbed the piece of paper and headed back to our apartment where I could read it in peace. When I got to my room I opened the letter and began to read.


Hey, Y

Yay! I don't think you know how amazing it is to hear from you again. My group also has a concert coming up and our manager is kinda putting more pressure on me than any of the other members. It's really annoying sometimes.

I wouldn't judge you. Honestly, I'm the one who should be judged LOL. 

Thanks for the offer, but I don't think I'll need your help with my family. I started it, I should finish it. It's really sweet of you to ask though. I appreciate that in a person. :)

Now, My answer to you answering my questions: (Did that make sense?!)

- Ahaaaa. That's why I received a random letter one morning before dance practice in my locker. Why did you choose my locker though?

- Haha. It doesn't freak me out. NCT is a great group. I wouldn't say I stan them but I really like the music. I do, however, stan EXO. I could probably fill up this whole page with rants but I won't do that to you. ;)

- I'm a male! (That won't make this awkward will it?) 

Oh wow. You're right. I hadn't even thought of that. What if we do see each other every day? That would be so weird. I can say that I am not a trainee but that's all I'm gonna tell you. I take it you've had concerts before but I can agree, that never really gets rid of the nervous feeling does it. Usually, I would do breathing exercises. Like to make sure you don't pass out. It's never good to do that in front of fans. If the breathing doesn't work, then just chat with other members about really random things. Like favorite kind of cheese or something. I don't really know. Its worked for me before. 

I hope this helped you,



I folded the letter back up and put it in the drawer in my desk where I had put his previous letter. 

As I thought about what he had said in his letter, my stomach started feeling weird. I broke into a wide smile and I wanted to go jump around the city for hours.

What is wrong with me?

I realized I hadn't had lunch yet. 

I'm probably just hungry. I'll go make some ramen. 


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