Chapter 8

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Zinnia Point of View

Why isn't he here yet?

We are getting late for our counseling and drama lessons. We should first learn about each other to hit two birds with one stone.

Due to the impending play rehearsals, I still did not receive my first counseling session yet so I should learn few things today in our carnival trip.

But why is Mr. Monk here yet? He should be waiting for me here half an hour ago!

What if he practiced the script the whole night without a break because of not disappointing me and fainted due to over-practicing?

Oh you crazy Zinnia! You should've taken better care of that poor Monk. He already looked like he was new to this world yesterday and you suddenly gave the whole script to read it overnight.

Stupid Zinnia. You should be helping them practice everything slowly.

It was already fifty minutes past six and I did not find the innocent looking Monk anywhere here. I dialed his number to see where he was but the number is not available.

Uh huh, his number is not available. Maybe his mobile is under repair. If his mobile is under repair then how would he call me or find me?

I cannot leave the responsibility of finding each other on the naïve Monk. I should use my smartness and find his address and collect him.

But how do I find him?

The levers of my smart mind moved stopped at an excellent idea.


When there is internet and Sir Google with me then I can even bring down Zeus to earth. So immediately pulling o, my smart phone, I tried his name in the search engine.

Mr. Monk...

Most of the search results landed on a certain movie called Monk. That's when I realized that I didn't know his actual Monk-ery name.

Now how do I find get him? I don't even know Mr. Egor's last name.

I sighed in defeat and was walking along the walkway with my face held down in shame. I am a kindergarten teacher and I am supposed to be the superwoman for my class. I have to know all the things and teach them to the kids. I should be able to find anyone being a Dino in my previous life. But I have just caused the title of being a kindergarten teacher to shame.

I walked and walked from almost fifteen minutes and came across a cinema theater which is playing the movie "The Godfather" for the noon slot. That's one good movie.

I watched it when I was a kid with my parents. The thought of my parents brought a wave of happiness to me. Though they are away from me, they still left a piece of them in me so I have them with me all the time.

I looked over the poster of the old Mafia movie "The Godfather" and smiled widely planning to go watch it to relax my mind.

Wait... wait a minute, Mafia movie?


Got it!

Mr. Monk is a part time Mafia worker.

How did I forget it? He was an innocent dollar saving Mafia part timer too.

Okay now I think I can find him. These days finding a monk is impossible but finding a mafia is quite easy. Google is father and mother of information and we can find almost another universe in google.

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