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"No candles next to the plates,stop that flower girl from spilling that hibiscus juice down her dress,Ya Allah  Maryam it's candles in the centre not inbetween plates" I was walking around and making sure everything was perfect but I forgot one thing the bride.

I rushed upstairs to the room were Afaf was being prepared by the make up artist as I opened the door I found myself staring in awe.

"Afafy oh my god you look I mean if there was a word that was higher than gorgeous that's how you look I think we have to put Muhammad on a leash"i said

And even through here makeup I knew she was crimson and then her eyes started to water.

"Oh Afaf don't cry you will spoil your makeup" I said

"Zeera what would I ever do without you" she said

"Millions of things now don't spoil your makeup and look your best for moh now wipe those tears before they even spill out"  I said in an encouraging voice.

"Is time for the dress" she said as she stood up to go and change

"Well first we go to the mosque where you will become a Mrs then back her to celebrate" I said while Afaf was behind the curtain changing.

"When will you get married zeera I want to see you in a dress".

"Oooooh Afaf you sound like my mother please,I'm not ready I'm a free bird just let me be" I said in frustration.

"That's what I thought but look at me now I'm a little cinderella" she said

"Oh Afaf I am not someone that will waste the rest of my life waiting for prince charming while day dreaming" I said

"Just saying" she said as she walked out of the changing room

"Wow moh is gonna be whipped" I said

We arrived at the mosque were everything was ready Afaf took her seat and I took mine beside her.

The contract came over to the women's  side with Muhammad signature one it and Afafs hand quivered.

"What if I make a mistake" Afaf said I held her hand

"What if you do but trust me these" I pointed at the contract "will be your best mistake" I said then Afaf signed the contract. Then the contract was taking to the imam and the sit that was for Afaf and Muhammad was taking by them.

The I  dos where said and the marriage vows where read and then the lectures read and finally they were pronounced for each other. Let the feast begin I thought I went up to the stage and sat next to Afaf.

"So Mrs Ibrahim how's the married life doing you" I said

"It is all so wired and new" she said

"May I have this dance Mrs" Muhammad said pulling his signature smile.

Afaf answered by taking his hand and allowing him to lead her to the dance floor.

I went over to one if those empty seats and I felt a presence behind me. I looked behind to find the prince at my back.

"Your highness" I said about to squat down to give him a formal greeting

"No no no you should not stress in greeting me sit " he commanded

I sat down as he said

"Well let's get to know each other" he said

But I just caught myself staring at his features from his melted chocolate eyes to that straight nose to the plumpy pink lips that were surrounded by the slightly trimmed facial hair on his perfect jaw I have to say this guy was flawless.

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