3 6 - real life

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"Guys, guys, guys..." Rosa said as she looked into the crowd then down at Tom. She was now sporting a Atlanta Thrashers jersey that someone had thrown her atop her red leotard. "Right, I want you guys closer for this one, let them through guys." Rosa moved closer to the edge of the stage, letting her friends past the barriers and allowed them to come to the foot of the stage. "This next, and sadly final, song..." Screams and protests erupted among the crowd. "I know, I don't want to leave either, but, this next song is for someone dear to my heart." No one missed when she winked at Tom.

"We are runnin' so fast, and we never look back, and whatever I lack, you make up..." She smiled, having memorised the lyrics since she first wrote them, the night after getting her tattoo with Tom. Her hair flew around her is dark curls as she danced, but it was as she came to the final chorus did she kneel at the edge and grabbed Tom's hand.

He smiled his million dollar, or pound in his British case, smile up at her which seemed to be brighter than the lights that danced on her skin. "All I need is you, you." She sang the final words and listened to the final chords. She jumped from the stage and stood in front of him, her arms around his neck and his hands planted on her hips. The space between them seemed to get smaller by the second and the screams seemed to faze out as their lips touched.

She could hear Anthony, Sebastian, Chris and Lizzie clearly through every other scream. Rosa pulled away from Tom, leaning her forehead against his. Her eyes began to flutter open just in time to see Mackie jumping up and down in Seb's arms as Chris had Lizzie over his shoulder and was spinning in circles. Zendaya had her phone pointed towards the two with her tongue out as Scarlett looked on fondly, a small smile on her face as she did a small dance beside Z.

"So..." Tom started as he moved his mouth to kiss her cheek. "I knew it."

"Shut up." Rosa said as she nuzzled her head into his shoulder. Tom barked a laugh and began to sway overdramatically, causing them to almost fall over and she barely heard his laugh over the continuous screaming. She looked to her side to see Elena, Caiden, Eve, Ty, Ashley, Billie and Dua running from the backstage and colliding with the cast of the Avengers and Zendaya.

Tom wrapped his arms around Rosa's waist and lifted her up, colliding their lips once more. The crowd's screams became even louder if possible as the two felt as if they were in their own small world, where they feel nothing but euphoria and happiness.

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