Chaptet 23 - The Third Task

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I stayed in the same room for days, still watching Hogwarts and the people I loved looking for me. News had spread that I was missing but that day people were to enjoy themselves, as it was the day of the final task in the Tri-wizard tournament.

I sat watching the champions prepare for the task, including Cedric and Harry. The last task was a maze which had been grown on the Quidditch pitch, the whole labyrinth was nearly as big as Hogwarts as it stretched out of view.

Like the other tasks, Dumbledores's voice rose over the crowd, as he officially started the last task.

"Earlier today Professor Moody placed the tri-wizard's cup deep within the maze. Only he knows its exact proportion. Now as Mr Diggory..."

The crowd erupted at the sound of Cedric's name, who turned and weakly smiled back.

"and Mr Potter tied for first position they will be the first to enter the maze. Followed by Mr. Krum and Miss. Delacour."

The two other schools went crazy as their champion's names were called out.

"The first person to touch the cup will be the winner. I've instructed the staff to parol the perimeter, if at any point should a contestant wish to withdraw from the task he or she need only send up red sparks with their wands. Contestant's gather round."

Dumbledore's voice disappeared underneath the chattering of the eager crowd, only to be heard by the four contestants. And me.

"In the maze you'll find not dragons or creatures of the deep. Instead you'll face something more challenging. You see, people change in the maze. Oh find the cup if you can, but be weary you could just lose yourselves along the way."

Lose yourselves? I prayed the maze wouldn't hurt either Harry or Cedric, but then Mad-Eye's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Champions! Prepare yourselves." He called.

Cedric and his father stood together, and as Moody called out to them he quickly hugged him then returned to his starting position.

"On the count of three... One..." Dumbledore began counting, but before he could finish a cannon blasted through the air, announcing the beginning of the event with a rather confused Mr FIlch standing next to it.

Harry and Cedric exchanged looks, then both set off into the overgrown maze through separate entrances. The invisible camera immediately panned to Harry, who was watching the entrance to the maze close in front of him.

Then Harry set off through the maze, turning left and right but still completely lost and nowhere near the cup. Hundreds of different creatures could be heard all around him, which immediately made me want to watch Cedric as well as Harry, and then I saw him.

He was walking on the opposite side of the maze when the sound of moving bushes appeared from behind him. The maze was closing up. Cedric realised what was happened and began to run as fast as he could from the bushes, which were trying to engulf him. Once he made it to the end of that walkway the bushes stopped and he stood there for a few seconds, catching his breath before returning to the rest of the maze. My breath caught as I realised Cedric's near collision, but it calmed once I knew he was safe.

Next thing I knew I was watching the girl from the french school, Fleur. She looked panicked and scared as she ran through the maze. Suddenly she fell to the floor, attacked by something which looked awfully similar to Viktor Krum. He walked over to Fleur and checked that she was unconscious, before walking off.

The next person to come into view was Harry, who spotted Fleur and ran to her as she was being swallowed into the undergrowth of the maze. "Fleur? Fleur!" He called her name, but no response came. She was already gone. Harry reached for his wand and sent red sparks into the air, but then a heavy wind began to blow and the walls around him began to close in.

Harry ran through the maze, but then he spotted something shiny in the distance, presumably the tri-wizard cup. Harry headed towards the cup, but Viktor blocked his way.  He tried to zap Harry with his wand but missed.

"Get down!" Cedric called out to Harry, who followed his instructions so Cedric could target Viktor. Once Krum hit the floor Cedric ran up to him and forcefully kicked his wand out of his hand as he lay motionless on the ground. Then, Cedric pointed his own wand at Viktor to finish him off when Harry intervened.

"No stop! He's bewitched Cedric!" Harry yelled, causing Cedric to get agitated.

"Get off me!" He screamed, this was not the Cedric I knew. Cedric was kind, not pushy and angry. The maze certainly had changed him. Or maybe it was everything else.

"He's bewitched" Harry repeated, but that wasn't what Cedric was interested in. He had spotted the cup.

The two of them began to run towards the cup in the distance, but the undergrowth of the maze began to zap out, trying to grab them by their feet.

It was successful.

"Cedric!" I yelled out, but he couldn't hear me. I couldn't save him.

Cedric fell to the floor, struggling to escape but he couldn't, he was pinned to the floor as he called out to Harry. Harry turned around to face Cedric. He stood there watching him, as if he had no intention of doing anything to help. Just as I was giving up hope, Harry zapped the plants and Cedric was able to wiggle out of the intertwined greenery, Harry pulling him to his feet.

They sat there for a minute or two, breathing in and out.

"You know for a moment there I thought you were going to let it get me." Cedric admitted to Harry, breaking the silence.

"For a moment so did I." Harry replied, ashamed that he had thought of leaving Cedric there so he would win the competition.

"Some game huh?" Cedric slightly chuckled.

"Some game." Harry repeated as the winds began to blow again, but heavier. The bushes had began to close in on them, forcing them to run towards the cup.

"Go, take it! You saved me!" He ordered.

"Together, on three. One, two, three!" Harry counted down.

The two of them grabbed the cup, transporting away, leaving the maze behind them.

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