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My mouth formed and 'o' shape before nodding my head

That's why they weren't weirded out by me...

I guess everyone heard as well and whispers and rumors filled the room, Kayla sent me a cold glare and I just buried my head on Ivan's neck while whimpering quietly

Though I don't think I was quiet enough because Ivan suddenly tensed up and looked down at me with a frown on his face, he look towards where I was staring at and he clenched his fists in anger

He looks over at Ace, Ace just nodded his head, suddenly I was pulled away from Ivan and was pulled into a hard chest, I looked up and saw that Ace took me out from Ivan's hold into his own

I looked at where Ivan was and glanced around when it landed on what I presume Kayla being scolded by the teacher while Ivan was beside him glaring at her

I giggle quietly as I saw how scared she looked while Ivan was glaring at her

Ace looked me weirdly before breaking into a smile, he placed his head on the crook of my neck and sighed "I love your giggle.." He mumbled

I smile, I heard footsteps coming closer to us as I look up and found Ivan's brown orbs staring at me lovingly, I made grabby hands toward him, he just chuckled and pulled me out of Ace's hold

I heard Ace dramatically gasp "You dont like my cuddles?" He put his hand up where his heart is supposed to be for dramatic effect, I shook my head smiling

Silly daddy

I lean close to Ace and kiss his cheek, "nu nu Acey, I wike ur cudels tu" I said, Ace smiled and kissed my forehead "I know baby girl I was just kidding..." He said pulling away

I forgot we were still in the classroom full of students before someone in the background scoffed, I glanced towards the noise and my eyes emediately landed on Cristina. Cristina was one of those people who hated me for my personality, it said it has something to do with me being an 'adult' already

Ace and Ivan's head snapped toward her and a growl ecoed throughout the room, once she heard it she shrunk back to her seat, I buried my head on Ivan's neck as they talked to my teacher about having to take home to Papi to discusse something's

The teacher nodded and told them to wait for a bit so that he could write an excuse letter as to why I wasn't in school just in case someone asks, As the teacher went to his desk to write the excuse letter I felt a light kiss on my forehead and looked up to see Ace

"whats your name baby girl?" He asked while playing with my hair, I fiddle with my hands shyly as I look down "M-Macy" I stuttered out saying, a finger lifted my chin up before I was met with Ivan's brown eyes "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.." He complimented, I blush

"Here you go" Ivan and Ace's snapped towards sir Ivan

My eyes widened and a giggle escapes my mouth, Ivan and Ace glanced towards me and they're eyes softened, Ace took me out of Ivan's hold "what is on your little mind baby girl?" he questioned

I giggle "Ivy has.... da sem.....name as Sir" I said while thinking the write words to say, I pointed towards Ivan and SIR Ivan

They just looked at each other before breaking into a laugh

"She is just too cute"

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