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Jeno sobbed into Jaemin's shoulder. He looked weak and pale while dried tears stained his face.

Jeno couldn't hold his tears back as he saw his boyfriend in such a condition. The ambulance finally came after what felt like hours and took Jaemin away while the police took the stranger that tried to rape Jaemin away.

Jeno called Renjun telling him what happened and demanded him to tell the others. Renjun agreed without hesitation and said they'll be there as soon as possible.

Jeno sat in the waiting area while tapping his foot, a habit of his when he's nervous or worried. A few minutes later Renjun, Mark, Donghyuck, Chenle, and Jisung came.

Donghyuck ran over to his step brother and went on one knee hugging Jeno while he sobbed into his shoulder. "What happened?" Hyuck asked softly his heart breaking hearing that his one of his friends is in the hospital while the other is crying his eyes out.

Renjun went over to the nurses asking if he can see Jaemin while Jeno struggled to answer his question.

"I-I don't know, I w-went to g-go search f- or him since he was always l-late to class and I-I saw h-him on the f-f-floor almost raped-d" Jeno broke down. "Hey calm down he's okay no-" Donghyuck couldn't finish his sentence cause one of the nurses came in.

"Anyone here for Na Jaemin?" Everyone stood up.

"Woah okay um how about three at a ti-"
"Come on guys let's go" Jeno and the others stood up pushing past the nurse and ran into his room tripping over each other.

"Ow shit" Renjun groaned when everyone fell on top of him making Jaemin laugh.

"LANGUAGE" Mark practically yelled at Renjun.

"Are you kidding me?! You expect me to handle five people on top of me and for me not to curse?! Especially this rock over here!" Renjun pointed to Jeno as if he just murdered his family.

Jaemin was about to fall off from his bed because Renjun was making him laugh so much.

"M-my l-ungs" Jaemin was clutching onto his chest and wiping away his tears.

"Well it's nice to see you too" Renjun smiled through pain and greeted his best friend.
When they finally got off of him Renjun and Jeno started pushing each other to get to Jaemin.

"Stop acting like donkeys if you don't want to end up in a hospital bed"

Jeno and Renjun immediately stopped causing Jaemin to chuckle

"Are you okay" Renjun approached him first.

"I'm fine but I have to stay here for a while, I have a lot of damage to fix" Jaemin's eyes lost all the sparks he had been feeling. The poor boy was worse than traumatized.

"I might have to go to therapy I don't know yet" Jeno smiled sadly and went up to him holding his hand and Renjun wanted to cry right then and there "it's okay cause we'll get through this.... together"

Jaemin shed a tear from the amount of support and love he was receiving. "Hey where did everyone go?" Renjun and Jeno turned around and saw the rest of the boys had left.

"I don't know to be honest. Their always getting lost"

Donghyuck POV

Mom called me asking me if Jeno and I could come home but I told her what happened to Jaemin and she let it slip. I left the hospital and started heading off home. I don't have any sort of transportation so I had to walk and I didn't even notice it was ten at night.

As I was walking I felt like someone was watching me. Well whatever it is I hope it gets lost cause my life is boring as hell.

But the pair of eyes I was feeling started getting to me and I started speed walking, then sprinting, then running, and then running for my damn life (not like I want to live it anyway)

When I finally reached my house I opened the door and closed it shut locking it after I did so.

"Mom I'm home!!"

"Ah Donghyuck please take a seat" I heard from the kitchen. I took a seat at the kitchen island waiting for what she has to say.

"Well... as you know my boyfriend and I have been married for quite some time." Donghyuck's heart stopped beating for a second knowing where this is going.


"And... we're thinking about... well you know....the next step" she pleaded seeing the worry hidden behind his eyes.

"No" he answered immediately.

"Yes" his mother gave him a death glare.

"You don't tell me what to do and what not to do"

"Look mom I'm happy for you, really! But are you really sure he's the one?! The one that's not going to hurt you or destroy you like dad's death did!" Donghyuck stood up.

He knew that his mother was at the end of loosing her sanity and that if she got stabbed again then she would fall off of her stable cliff.

"If you let me this happen, then I'll let you date, marry, etc with whoever you want. Please Donghyuck you have to bear with me" Donghyuck took a deep breath.

"If I can't control who you love then you can't control who I love? Deal" Donghyuck couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Okay who is she?!"

"I-it's a he" his mother gasped

"What the fu-"

"It's Mark"

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