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A/N: Hey guys! This is my first time writing Cake fanfic, so I hope it turns out well :)

It's a high school AU and it's set in Sydney. Since it's an AU, the families in the story differ from the boys' actual families. You'll figure it out on the way, but you should know that Taylor is Calum's twin sister :) (I was originally going to call her Callie but I feel like that would have caused a lot of confusion.) This is most likely going to be really fluffy! So yep. Enjoy!

The title of this fic is taken from the He Is We song called "Prove You Wrong" (go figure)

~ Maya xx

Also, in case you guys don't know the people in the casting (apart from 5sos of course), the photos are in the sidebar thingy :) the brunette is supposed to be Taylor, and the brunette/blonde is supposed to be Olivia!

They're both very talented musicians and I recommend you check out their bands, We Are The In Crowd, and Courage My Love!

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