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"How are you all doing tonight?!" Halsey smiled as she finished singing a song from her new album. She smiled as she saw the small group of actors at the front of the barrier in front of the stage. "I see a certain group of superheros here tonight!"  She saw the whole cast was wearing t-shirts and jumpers, despite the warm Atlanta heat. She sat down, swinging her feet over the edge, screams echoing in the room. "Hey, Tommy." She waved slightly.

Despite the brightly coloured lights, she could see Tom's blush from where he stood between Sebastian and Elizabeth, wearing one of the tour t-shirts. Ashkey looked around the stands. She saw a multitude of bisexual flags with 'Be Yourself' written on it, she had seen them in the merchandise booth along with trans and gay flags. She turned her attention back to the actors.

"Rosa does not stop talking about you." At the sound of Rosa's name, screaming erupted all around them. "Now, for the reason you're actually here."

Tom's eyes widened as the intro to "Strangers" began to play and he screamed in excitement. Lizzie laughed and took her phone out to film Ashley singing, putting the camera on Tom every once in a while.

"...to be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all." Ashley finished singing the chorus. "And now, the reason your here... Ladies and gents, superheros and humans... Rosa Stark!" Tom wolf whistled as Rosa stepped out in a black dress. She waved her finger at him as she began to sing.

"She doesn't call me on the phone anymore..."

Tom was in awe at how much passion she was showing in her words and in her dance moves and she danced with Ashley. As the last second of the song played and people began screaming and clapping, Tom being the most enthusiastic.

"Hello Atlanta! Estoy muy emocionado por esta noche! I hope you all enjoy!" Rosa placed her hand on her heart as she saw all the faces of fans and friends alike. "Hola, Thomas, Vengadores." She greted Tom and the cast, her accent leaning more towards her Cuban side. As screams erupted once again, she hugged Ashley tight. "Everybody, give it up for Halsey!"


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tomholland2013: hot af tho
❤ 2,179,518 likes, 💬1,518,916 comments
[tagged: @dualipa @iamhalsey @itsrosastark @iamsebstan @zendaya @chrisevams @wherearetheavocados @scarjo @mackattack @itslizzieolsen]


I've finished writing the last chapter oof

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