Chapter 66 Part 2

“Mm, that was delicious. Great choice Harry.” Rachel said as she wiped the sides of her mouth with a napkin.

Harry beamed. “Thanks! I thought you would like it! Now onto dessert!”

Rachel was already so stuffed with all the dinner they had, she didn’t think she could handle dessert! But if Harry was offering, she didn’t want to disappoint him. He had wanted to redo their night – and she wanted to make sure it would be done his way.

 “I’m so sorry about last night Rach, things got way out of hand, I never meant for that to happen.  I was just kidding around, I didn’t know that guy was such a creep. Fucking perv… anyways, I’m so sorry. I should have listened to Zayn. It’s like… like I’m almost a bad influence. I’m never the one to save you from danger, and this time, I was the one who put you in danger! Maybe I really am not the right one for you Rach… at least Zayn looks out for you and always knows how to keep you happy.  You should just choose him.” Harry said with deep breath.

Rachel moved back waving her hands in the air. “What is with you two lately? Just a few days ago, you were enemies… rivals, you hated each other! You never let me hang out with the other either, and now you both are saying you’re not right for me and the other is? Harry listen to me, you always keep me happy as well. The reason why you were my first and true love is because every time I was and am with you, I forget the world, and I just know that it’s the two of us together. Before the accident, I know you remember what a special place you had in my heart… and you still do. We had a special bond that no one could break. It killed me inside the day I broke up with you, but it was the right choice. Now you’re back, and that is all I ever wanted. I fall head over heels for you harry, you have no idea. I am completely and unconditionally in love with you.” Wait a minute. Rachel paused. These exact words were what Zayn had said to her. What did this mean…?

Harry grabbed her hands and held them into his, making Rachel forget about her thought. “I love you, so so much Rachel. You are my soul mate. And I’m not just saying that, I feel bad for the people out there still trying to find their perfect match, while I’m already here and have found mine. I’ve loved you the day we met, ever since I saved you from those bullies. I knew there was a reason why I did what I did, and now I found out why. To this day…I still love you Rachel Morgan, and I always will.”

He took her hands and kissed them softly. Rachel didn’t know what to say. Once again, she was torn speechless.

But why was what she had just said to Harry bugging her so much? Zayn had said the same thing to her. Her mom always told her, “go for the one that loves you, not for the one that you love.” Did this mean something? No, she was just being paranoid.

“So how about, I make you feel amazing today, and treat you just because you’re my special girl. Let’s bring on the dessert,” Harry exclaimed excitedly.

Rachel flipped through the menu searching for the best thing she could find. But then all of a sudden… something happened with Harry. He had a serious expression on his face and was still. His face went pale. “Oh…no.” He said under his breath.

Rachel began worrying. “What happened? Harry, what’s wrong?

“Shit! I forgot my wallet Rach!” He said searching through his pockets.

Rachel sighed. “Oh that’s okay, I’ll pay.” She pulled out her purse and looked in it to find her wallet. “Shit I brought the purse that didn’t have my wallet in it. What now?!” Harry was getting more and more frustrated and nervous.

“I don’t know what to do. How could I’ve been so stupid?” He held his head into the palms of his hands. Rachel didn’t know how to calm him down… mostly because she was just as worried as he was.  They already ate their dinner and had no money to pay for it.

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