I tried to swallow it and then I coughed when I did, half-suffocated yet. Sharon suddenly appeared beside me, while the front door was already closed.

-_______, Are you okay? - She asked, but the dry cough left my throat a little bit damaged, so I wasn’t able to speak.- I'll give you some water, wait- She ran to the key and took a glass, quickly filling it with the liquid.

She approached me and handed me the glass, I took the water, waiting for that sore throat and cough disappeared out too.

- Are you better? - She asked.

-Yes - I left the glass on the kitchen sill- thanks.

-That’s what you get for filling your mouth of food, beast –She joked.

I giggled at the nickname that we had been telling us for years.

-Well, that happens to me because I did come from another continent without eating-I refuted, laughing.

Sharon sat down beside me and took the cookie to finish eating it.

- Hey!

-There's pizza in the fridge, I think that would fill you more than a cookie- She said.

-I feel more sleepy than hungry, so you better take me to breakfast tomorrow - I smiled- Hey, Sharon ...- I hesitated and I started playing with the fingers of my hand-  Is Harry ... your boyfriend?

-And what I love most - She said.

- And why you didn’t tell me?- I became indignant.

-Because ... I've been dating him one month.

- A month? Our last call was yesterday- I emphasized it.

She shrugged her shoulders in place.

-Well, well, I wanted to surprise you.

-Well, you did. I thought after you broke up with Jairus ...-I was in the middle of the sentence, but she understood.

-Yes, I thought that too. If not, I wouldn’t have traveled the country cowardly- She smiled. -But Harry and I met ... I love him.

- Really? You have been dating him for a month, how well you can know him? -I whispered.

-Enough. ______ -She looked at me seriously -I thought you'd be happy for me.

- I am -and I really was, but something stirred within me, something that made me be confused. That kind of confusion when you can’t explain yourself why things are moving so fast and change overnight.- I'm glad you moved on with your life, you give me the example- I admitted.

- What do you mean that you give the example? Are you still in love with Dennis?-She jumped backwards looking at me with wide eyes.

- Not at all! That already happened, what I mean is that you didn’t stay stagnant in the past, like me with the accident of my parents.

-Oh, ______, that was three years ago, now you're a professional photographer of twenty and you have so much to draw from the life you lead- She put her arm around her shoulders. -But now let's not talk about sad topics; tell me, have you met someone special?

I smiled at her eagerness and her huge smile. But my mind came with the name of Harry Styles, as a wave of wind, fast and fleeting.

-How strange...

- What? Who did you meet? -I realized then that I had spoken loudly, or strong enough so that Sharon could hear me.

- Huh? Ah... -I stammered.

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