"Smile this way!"

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(Kayla POV)

It's Friday afternoon and all us girls are super excited. The Brits start at 8:30 and it is only 4:30. I'm not kidding when I say "I might die from excitement!"

"Honey, will you come help me?" I hear Niall yell from his bedroom. He is currently trying on suits. I run up stairs and open the bedroom door to a shirtless Niall.  

"Kayla, I need your help. Which looks better?" He asks holding up two tops. One is a white button up top with a black and white stripped tie and a black blazer. The other is a white button up and a gray blazer with no tie.

"I think the second choice is better. Your eyes really pop when you wear gray." 

He smirks and comes closer to me. So close we almost kiss, "And how would you know that?" He asks his hot breath coming in contact with my lips.

"Honey, if there is one thing you should know it's that I've done my fair share of stalking you. I know everything about you and your life," I whisper back.

"Oh stop it. You do not." Niall says laughing.

"Try my Horan." 

"Fine, I will. Lets make it more interesting though. For ever answer you get right you get a kiss and for everyone you miss I get a kiss. Deal?"

"Better get your lips ready Horan."

"Someone's confident," Niall says as we both sit cross legged on the bed. "OK, question number one. What time was I born?"

"That's easy, 8:04 am." 

"How the fuck did you know that?" 

"It doesn't matter how, all that matters is that I get a kiss now," Niall leans in and kisses my lips gently.

"OK, question number two. What hospital was I born in?"

"Credit Valley Hospital." 

"Wow Kayla, you really know your stuff," Niall says and kisses me again.

"OK, last one before I have to go get ready and so do you. Don't forget we have to get there early for red carpet stuff."

"OK, last and final question. When is my brothers birthday?"

"February 11, 1989."

"What the fuck?! How..but..I..you..wow," Niall says in complete shock. He leans in and kisses me the third time.

 "Now go get ready beautiful. I can't wait to see you in that dress," I blush and nod my head.

No, I haven't shown Niall my dress because I want it to be a surprise. This whole week he's been bugging me about it, constantly asking "Please can I see the dress?" or "I want to see it now." Never once did I give in. Now that the day is here I know he is dying to see what it looks like.

I jump off the bed and head to the shower. I wash my body and hair till I feel squeaky clean. I turn the shower off and grab a towel to dry off with. I wrap it around my body and step out of the bathroom. Niall is sitting on the bed watching football.

"Niall you need to be ready by 6:30! You can't be late to the interviews and red carpet. Please get ready love," Niall sighs and walks over to give me a peck on the cheek.

"OK, I'll be in the shower. I'll meet you downstairs at 6:30." 

I smile and go grab my dress from the hall closet. I hid it there because Niall never goes in there; its where we keep the cleaning supplies. I go back to the room and hang it up on our closet door. I go to the dresser and grab a bra and panties. Once those are on I grab my robe and put it on. I grab my make up bag and begin to make myself look presentable. I put on my usual foundation and blush. I decide to do a light brown eye shadow with a bowled black cat eye styled eyeliner. I apply mascara and a light pink lip. 

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