♡The Odds♡

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You ran your fingers through your hair, letting out a sigh. Standing up, you set aside all your paperwork before grabbing your bag.

Being a lawyer was no joke, especially if someone was as gifted as yourself. You walked out of the office, running to the elevator - getting in just before it closed. Since it was empty, it provided you temporary peace.

You pressed the ground floor button, and waited as the elevator descended. Once the doors parted, you walked out - making your way out of the building - and to your car.

A moment passed before you glanced at your wrist watch.

"Shit, I'm late," you whispered.

At present moment, you were going to see your three, beautiful children - whom were with their father. Michael Jackson was the father of your children, and your ex husband.

Vincent, Lincoln, and Rose were their names. Vincent was ten, Lincoln was eight - and Rose was four.

Since he had been awarded full custody, you were only able to see the children once a week.

Michael and yourself had been divorced for over a year.

Things were difficult sometimes, but at the end of it all - you managed to pull through. And so starting the car engine, you drove off.


Upon arriving at Neverland, you felt your heart sink a little. From your car, you could see Michael and your  kids - playing on the large field ahead.

You smiled a little when you saw how happy they looked. You got out of the car, taking in a deep breath before shutting the door.

As you walked up to them, Rose spotted you. She broke into a wide smile before running toward you - throwing her arms around you.

"Mommy!" she cheered, making Michael turn his head to look at you. He smiled as well, walking up to you with Vincent and Lincoln.

"Mom!" the boys ran up to you, hugging you tight. You kissed their foreheads before pulling away to look at them.

"You look so well," you grinned proudly at your gorgeous children.

"Uh, I was thinking that we could..." Michael trailed off. "Talk, over dinner,"

You looked up, a small frown on your face.

"It's about Rose,"

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