Chapter 2: The people

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Courtney goes to school and sees Gizelle alone and afraid, "Gizelle?" Gizelle nears somthung faint then looks down, Courtney watches her phone and new texts appear from Skye " Kill your self" die ugly bitch" Only hours later they realize there problem was solved, and Skye realized she was wrong she was all wrong, and Skye feels sorry, "Courtney?" She texts, Courtney replies "What?" Skye thinks she is alive but really she is not " oh Your wondering I am dead."
          Courtney feels pain over her arms and a thick layer of blue layers over her,what? Her arm changes into  thick blue and the inside swishes around like water, then a strange eye breaks out of her hand "Good girl" it says. WTF? Courtney says Azaria sees Courtney and Azaria freaks with terror only Courtney reaches her hand through the phone and chokes Skye, skye dies. Courtney looks around people who were once alive were blue monsters with eyes that filled there body. Courtney was scared, and she needed to save Skye
            "Liquor and Wepons" Courtney reads. " Hmmm" the store is closed so Courtney walks in. The alarm goes off, she finds a small guinea pig on the flooor wi5 an injured leg. Courtney grabs a bottle of wine and pours it in the pig to heal it. She grabs a med kit and bandages it, I'll call u cookie, she grabs on to him and grabs a dirty silver pistol, that had rusty metal ammo  fit into it, she walks out and grabs some wine with a glass and chugs it down, she walks out and finds Azaria. " Azaria?" "Courtney why do u have a gun?" She asks. "iM sorry, I can't do this alone" courtney pulls the dirty trigger on the pistol to shoot Azaria in the head, the bullet goes straight through piercing her head, Azaria comes out of her soul to meet Courtney
           "Courtney?, what did u do to me?" "I.. I don't know." Courtney runs away, to find Gizelle, Courtney shoots Gizelle but Gizelle doesn't die, she is Immune to it, and Gizelles body fills with eyes on one side, her craving for people fills her. Half of her was sweet, the other half was a blood thirsty demon ready to kill, although There was a malfunction and Gizelle needed to hide other wise she would be full monster, so she hid in a old dark, and hollow, shed. Well, all of us did. We were unstoppable, and we could kill anyone, only for Courtney to turn into full monster, Courtney raged with fire and broke the shed open she grabbed onto a person  and bit the girls neck, realizing it was Jamie, she had eaten her. And Jamie was dead, but the #1 rule was if u were killed by a monster u wouldn't become one. Courtney then was grabbed by the arms and taken to a torture dungeon, where Courtney and Gizelle were left to run from them, Azaria hid , but her hand became blue with one eye, they fought " them" or " The shadow masters" only to injure them

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