❤Yeh pyar na hoga kam❤

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Sanskar : ( shouts) enough is enough Swara , I listened you all time but today you have to listen me , you all have to listen me, Swara I stand by you in all your decision, i always supported you, now its turn, you have to support me Swara, if you ever loved me you will support me, Now one side is those Maheshwaris who didn't understand us, and other side is me, Your husband , now you have to take decision whom you wants in your life , those family or your husband, ( swara 's eyes gets widened at his statement, tears develops in her eyes) Swara, if you and anyone make any kind of relation with those person than, .... ( take a pause looks at Swara with serious look and continue) I will kill myself.

Swara gets shocked while listening Sanskar and shouts 'Sanskarrrrrrrrr', tears are flowing nonstop from her eyes.

Sanskar without paying heed to swara, go in his room, leaving Swara in tears, all are looking shocked seeing Sanskar this side.


In Swasan 's Room;

Sanskar is half laying on bed, while resting his head on headboard with closed eyes, just then he feel a soft touch on his forehead and open eyes and find Swara is cleaning his wound which got incomplete, Sanskar looks at Swara who is looking down with gloomy face, Sanskar feels bad while seeing her sad,

'The person who loves you the most can't see you sad'.

Swara is cleaning his wound, putting medicine on it, while blowing air to sooth it, Sanskar is gazing at her without blinking eyes, soon Swara done his dressing and turn to leave but feel strong grip on her wrist, turn her face and find Sanskar is holding her wrist, gazing at her with sad face.

Swara : ( ask while seeing his sad face in concern tone) What happened Sanskar? Do you need anything, ( caress his forehead) is it paining? ( in concerned tone make Sanskar overwhelmed by her love, he hold her hand and make her sit on his lap, Swara is looking at him being confused by his sudden act).

Sanskar : ( ask while narrowing eyes ) are you angry? ( see swara, Swara nod no with gloomy face, Sanskar feels bad to see her sad face) I know Swara you are angry, I am sorry Swara that I shout on you, I shout on you without any of your mistake, i know you must be angry that I put restrictions on you that you can't meet those person, I know you love Ragini but Swara..

His words interrupted by Swara 's voice.

Swara : ( with serious face) are you done? Now listen me, yes I am angry on you but not because of this that you abandon me to meet them, i am not angry that you broke relations with them.

Sanskar : ( looks at her being confused) then for what you are angry?

Swara : ( tears develops in her eyes, in angry yet sad tone) because you said that you will kill yourself, how dare you Sanskar, how dare you utter that word from your mouth, you think I can live without you ( hold his shoulder tightly while crying, make Sanskar shocked) Its true that I wanted to unite our family, I wanted to prove that you are innocent but not on the sake of you, Sanskar you are my life, no one is more important for me than you, ( crying) and you were giving me option to choose in you and them, how could you think that you are in my option list, you are my lifeline Sanskar, you are most precious person in my life, if I would have to choose between you and my life, I will choose you stupid ( tears come in Sanskar 's eyes while listening her)
Sanskar you are not only my love and my husband, you are my life, ( cups his face in tears) I love you Sanskar, I love you very much, only you matters to me the most (hug him while crying, make Sanskar shocked, tears come in his eyes while listening her, he gets overwhelmed by her love, and feels guilty for hurting his lifeline unknowingly, and wrap his arm around her shoulder, caress her back to console her).

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