❤Yeh pyar na hoga kam❤

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Hey friends!!

This is Swasan TS, based on track where Sanskar give Swara his swear.

Dedicated to Renu072

In baadi ;

in hall ;

Swara is waiting for Sanskar , feeling restless and worried for Sanskar.

Swara : ( worried) Where is Sanskar? He went from morning, still he didn't come, ( feeling restless for Sanskar, Just then her eyes catch something, she see Sanskar come on door, his forehead is bleeding, his lip has a deep cut, Swara see him and gets worried while seeing his this condition and shouts Sanskar... , immediately run to him worriedly, cups his face) Sanskar, how this happened, (hold his hand, make him sit on sofa, run for first aid box and come to him in nano second, sit in front of him, put medicine on cotton, tears are flowing from her eyes non stop while seeing his condition, on other hand, Sanskar is looking at other side, remembering Laksh 's words , Swara put cotton on his wound with teary eyes, Sanskar hiss in pain, Swara gets worried and crying, sorry, Sanskar how this happened?

Sanskar ( come to sense while listening Swara 's crying voice and turn face , find Swara is crying while putting medicine on his wound, he forward hand and wipes her tears with one hand ) Swara don't cry, i am fine.

Just then Sujata, Uttara , Shomi come from mandir and gets worried while seeing Sanskar 's condition and come to them in hurry .

Sujata : ( worriedly come near Sanskar) Sanskar how this happened?

Sanskar : ( looks at her and said to calm her) I am fine mom, don't worry.

Swara : ( crying) but how this happened?

Sanskar looks at her with serious expression and tells everything, how he met with laksh, how they fight with each other, Swara 's eyes gets widened while listening Sanskar, all are looking shockingly to Sanskar.

Swara : But how laksh can be so blind in aadarsh bhaiyaa and parineeta bhabhi's talk, Sanskar we have to make them understand that they are doing wrong to do believe on them.

Sanskar : ( stand up and in serious tone) No Swara, we will not do anything, if they are not ready to believe us then I also decided something, from today they are no one to us.

Swara and all gets shocked while listening Sanskar, Swara stand up, looks Sanskar in shock.

Swara : ( in shock ) Sanskar what are you saying.

Sanskar : ( in serious tone) I am saying correct Swara, we bear so much but now its high time, why we only prove ourselves​, no I can't bear more, from now they are no one to us.

Swara : ( trying to make him understand) Sanskar you are not understanding , I know you are hurt but they are our family and...

Sanskar : ( cut her words, shouts angrily) they are not our family Swara and you have to understand this not me, you have to understand that they never consider us as our family and they proved too, they are not our family, Swara family trust each other and they never trusted us.

Swara : ( trying to make him understand) Sanskar I agree but you are doing wrong, they are not any outsider they are our own, why are you not understanding?

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