I know it's late, and I'm sorry. I just got a new puppy (Her name is Gillie, and we rescued her from a shelter) and ever since I stepped in a pile of poo while trying to get orange juice I've had to monitor her day and night like a hawk. I literally take her out almost every hour (I have a total of 36 mosquito bites on my legs) and have pretty much zero time to update. Here is the new chapter, though, so enjoy and COMMENT LIKE CRAZY YOU HOOLIGANS!!!!!

Saturday night came around much faster than I had thought it would. Over the course of the week nothing terribly interesting happened. Dev and I mourned the loss of another week of summer (we literally dressed in black for a whole day and moped around the house) and I ended up changing Logan contact name in my phone from 'Logan' to 'The Log'. Why would I do this, you ask?

Because Devon Baily is nosey as fuck. Pardon my language, but honestly, the boy actually had the nerve to confront me a couple days ago about the strange boy I had been texting so much under the name of Fred.

I don't quite know how he missed the many text conversations between his best friend and myself, but boy am I glad he did. After smacking him over the head multiple times and explaining that Fred was my BGF (Best Gay Friend) I stomped up to my room and promptly put a lock code on my phone, something that I hadn't really felt the need to add up until I found out my brother enjoyed reading my text conversations.

And because I'm sneaky and witty and many other wonderful things like that, I went online and used a random number generator to get a completely abnormal 4-digit code that no one would guess.

These advances in technology that I make are incredible, mostly because at the end of last week I could hardly open a text message without downloading half the app store. So the number generator thing was a cool idea, something I'm pretty sure my math teacher taught the class when he was explaining groups of numbers and such.

But for the most part, the week was rather uneventful. Dev got his head stuck in one of the dress up tutus that Lucy loves dressing him up with, and we had to cut it off of his cranium, taking a small chunk of hair along with it that Dev swears makes him look like some sort of owl. The chunk of hair was kind of on the crown of his head, making the blonde strands on either sides of the missing chunk to stand up, very much like owl ears would.

He got a couple funny looks while walking down the street, and it sort of made him look like he belonged in one of those anime conventions, but there was really nothing we could do to make it any better.

When Saturday rolled around I literally had to push Jenna and Robin out the door. Jenna had always had a small crush on Logan, for obvious reasons, and she was kind of psyched that he was dating someone close to her. I picked out a pair of white shorts and a nice blue top. It was considered pretty damn classy for me, as I rarely ever wore dresses or skirts. My hair was the regular mess of organized curls (paradox right there, people) and I had a little touch of makeup on for the occasion.

He picked me up outside, and it was dark enough that no one in the house could see the car waiting for me in the street, not that it would matter anyways. Dev was locked away in his room, probably trying the different hair growth products that he had forced mom to buy him, Lucy was in my room watching a princess movie on my TV, and the parental units were out bowling with friends.

Part of the reason why Robin and Jenna were over a couple hours earlier w so that they could talk very loudly about the 'plans' we had later. Dev was under the misconception that I was having a girls night with them, and didn't protest even slightly when I knocked on his door before heading out to tell him that he was to watch Lucy until our parents came back.

I actually had to force myself to walk calmly to Logan's car instead of running headlong as fast as I could to the shiny black vehicle. Halfway down the lawn I promptly tripped over a blade of grass (I mean, who does it think it is just chilling out where I was trying to walk?) and fell oh-so-gracefully on my ass. I got up as quickly as I could and dusted myself off, letting out a sigh of relief when I confirmed that there were no grass stains on my white shorts.

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