Episode 9: Afraid

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The day after I ran into Jamie was peaceful

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The day after I ran into Jamie was peaceful. Honey and I had the house to ourselves while Cyan worked. My mind never tormented me. In fact, few thoughts crossed my mind.

The two that followed weren't exactly great, but I'd had worse days. They were incomparable to how I felt when Hannah first took me in.

That said, last night stank. I had this sinking feeling that refused to leave me. I was forgetting something important. I couldn't even figure out what it was. Whenever I got close to the answer, my mind reset sending me back to the start.

When I woke up, I was two seconds off of crying. I squeezed Honey and lifted her off my lap.

I needed out of this house. I needed fresh air. I couldn't wait. I couldn't wait for them to wake up.

I threw my gloves and shoes on then used the terminal to return to the cherry blossom trees. This was the most peaceful place I'd seen. Here, I'd be left alone.

Or so, I thought, anyway.

When I got there, I crawled into the hallow and curled up into a ball. I couldn't hold them back any longer. My tears escaped in waves.

Something was approaching.

Honey skidded into the hallow, into my lap. She asked why I left her at the house and licked the tears off my cheeks.

"You were sleeping." I stroked her head. "You'd you get here?"

"How do you think?" That was Amethyst.

Even if she was out cold, I guess I should've brought Honey with me. I don't know how else Ame would've realized I left. She wasn't exactly an attentive Protector.

She entered the hallow, got on one knee, and gazed into my eyes. "Do you really wanna go back to Hannah that badly, Alastair?" Her gazed burned my skin. "It sure seems like it."

"You asked me here, because you needed me, right?" I put my hand over my birthmark. "I can't ignore that. Sometimes, you need to put the needs of others over your own desires." A laugh escaped my lips. "I wouldn't be able to face the kids if I gave up now."

"This world has other KKs. I could always reach out to them later when they're needed."

I turned my head. "Wouldn't that leave this world vulnerable?" I smirked. "I was told not having any KKs sent Earth into the Dark Ages."

Her voice cracked. "Who told you that?"

"It was a Lock, but I don't care. With how they spoke, I know they weren't lying." I put my hands behind my head. "With all I know about KKs, it makes sense."

"Please go back." Ame put her hands on my shoulders. "I can't leave you alone like this, but other matters need my attention."

"If you can't devote time to your Key Keepers, why are you a Protector?"

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