"So We Panicked."

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...a promise to a friend...


Clint crouched, checking his bow. Steve surveyed the area and Natasha nodded at Perci, who grinned.

"I have unfinished business with Loki," Thor spoke.

Barton flicked his eyes up at the God, "Yeah, get in line."

The demigoddess threw her hands up in the air, (sometimes...)"You guys, can we just get back to killing these things, I got a lot of pent of emotions that I'd love to share with them."

Captain America gave her a look, "Save it. Loki's gonna keep this fight focused on us and that's what we need. Without him, these things could run wild. We got Stark up top, he's gonna need us..."

The weak rumble of a postie bike interrupted him. It pulled up to show an abashed Bruce Banner. He got off and looked over the five heroes' shoulders at the burning city, "Well this all seems horrible."

Perci, somehow with a straight face, said, "We thought you weren't coming back, so we panicked."

Bruce smiled at her, but Natasha ruined the moment, "I've seen worse, " Making the demigoddess glare at her.

The Doctor looked apologetic, "Sorry."

"No. We could use a little worse."

Steve pressed the... thing in his ear... Perci really should find out what that thing is called, "Stark? We got him."

In everyone's ear, Tony said, "Banner?"

"Just like you said."

"Then tell him I'm bringing the party to you."

The four humans gaped at the huge Chitauri leviathan appearing around the corner of the building, chasing Iron Man as flew their way.

Perci grinned, "I'm gonna enjoy this party."

Natasha looked between her and the creature, "I...I don't see how that's a party."

"How very uh-Ares like of you." The ravenette looked at her, shocked.

"Oh bite me." The redhead scowled.

It roared as it loomed closer. Bruce turned to face it and began to walk towards the giant creature.

Worried, Steve said, "Dr Banner. Now might be a really good time for you to get angry."

An almost amused look crossed the man's face, "That's my secret, Captain. I'm always angry."

Perci watched, curious, as Bruce's body swelled and stretched, ripping his clothes and his skin turning a vibrant green, bulging with hardened muscles. Just as the Leviathan closed in on them, the Hulk slammed his fist into its monstrous face. The alien reared up, as the green bulk of muscles continued to smash the creature's face into the ground.

The demigoddess looked up to see Iron Man fly over, and in mid-flight shot a small rocket from his arm into a soft fleshy part of the Leviathan. Part of the monster blew up and the thing groaned in pain. Chunks of sizzling flesh fell to the pavement.

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