Our Rogue Romance

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What, you wonderin' what the battle yesterday was? Or did you already figure it out? Smarty pants, forget the question, JUST READ! :DDDD

(also totally came up with this originally I totally didn't write this at the time of overwatch free weekend I barely ever play reaper this is not a rip off of my chemical romance I swear its just the title)

(plez no sue)


3rd Person P.O.V.

  The 2 battlers looked at each other in shock as the crowd roared. 


While Rogue looked over at Kagura to see her reaction, he was startled by how piercing her eyes were as she stepped out to the battlefield, awaiting him. He stumbled a little bit, then took a deep breath and faced towards her. 

The gong rang, symbolizing that the battle had begun. 

"I'm ready whenever you a-" Rogue didn't have any time to finish his sentence as a slash was heard and he was struck. 

"I don't speak to my enemies. Especially not you." Rogue looked at her with a saddened confused face, wondering what he did wrong as he was hit again by Kagura, each slash more painful than the last. It was finally after quite a few hits that he fought back as she jumped backwards.

"Shadow Dragon's Roar!" Kagura flicked her sword to her side, closed her eyes, and as the attack came in she slashed her katana and suddenly the attack just seemed to simply disappear. Unfazed, Kagura points her sword towards Rogue without hesitation, and charges. They begin to fight until Rogue speaks up. 

"Kagura, is something the matter?" Kagura's eyes widen, and then she pushes him back into the wall, causing a crash. 

"I don't think I should be the one answering that." She said. 

"Now, be gone." She finally reveals her magic as a pink circle appears above Rogue, and he is forced down. She knocks him all the way to the other side of the arena, and then approaches him. 

"Your words have caused this battle. I have no part in your stupid sorrow. This will not be a victory for you, rather a very memorable loss." Rogue looked up, and something clicks in his head. He finally understood what was wrong, and he shed a tear for being so careless and cruel. He stood up against the gravity magic, and blocked Kagura's attack.

"Now you fight-" Kagura was stopped by Rogue covering the entire arena with shadows, leaving only Rogue and Kagura able to see each other. 

"Do you think it'll make a difference?" She asked.

Chapati was heard above. "It seems that Rogue has covered the entire arena with shadows? What do you think he will do? We can't see a thing, and our lacrima vision can't even pick up on anything! Sorry folks. My. Yajima, what is your opi-" He stopped as Mr. Yajima stopped him. 


"Leave them be, Chapati. I have a feeling this is important." The crowd was on the edge of their seats, and many of them were asking what was going on, and even some complaints ran in.

Rogue starts fighting, but with a more sad expression on his face. Kagura scowls at this, but they keep fighting. 

"Listen, Kagura." 

"There's nothing to listen to!"

Rogue fires another roar, and Kagura simply dodges again. However, this time, Rogue started turning the roar towards her, and it hits her. He then creates a shadow bolt to hit her at the side of her head. Kagura fell, but Rogue quickly caught her in a hug. 

"I'm sorry for what I said." Rogue says, as Kagura slashes him in the stomach, throwing him back again.

"Don't touch me." She said, flicking her sword. 

Rogue gets on his knees.  He pours his heart out to Kagura, and why he said his words, explaining that he said them because he was denying his feelings. 

"I..." He starts to speak again as Kagura dashes towards him to finish him. 

"I love you, Kagura." 

The ring of her blade was heard as it stopped right at Rogue's neck, and then it lowered. Kagura lifted her face to show tears, as she threw herself into his arms, still crying. Rogue pecks her on the lips, and the 2 stand up. The shadows subside as Kagura stands. 

"May we both forfeit?" Rogue asks. Jiemma growled from the crowd, slowly becoming more and more angry. 

Chapati was taken aback. 

"U-um, we never expected this." Suddenly, the crowd roared with approval to Rogue's request. 

"Well, I guess since the crowd agrees, we shall call it a draw!" The gong rang, signaling the end of the battle as Kagura and Rogue smile and shake hands, heading in opposite directions, with a new purpose in life. Yukino and Erza gush as they meet Kagura and get in a hug.

"Thank you, sister." Kagura says. Erza hugs her again as they all laugh together.


Hope yall liked this chapter! Rogura is officially, CANON! In this book, of course. What's next for Sabertooth, you ask? (prolly didnt but whatevs) Well, you'll have to find out next week. See yall next time! 



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