Washington D.C. August 2014.

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 Physically, being 27 was great. Mentally being nearly 100 was not. But a lot of things in my life were weird. My brother and I were frozen for almost 7 decades, my best friend is a former Russian Assasin, I fought along side a God and a sweet scientist with a meaner, greener alter-ego, one of my old best friend's son made me a new leg. Said son was older than me.

2014 was the weirdest place to drop people like Steve and I, but it was a shockingly easy transition for me. Life was a lot easier than you'd think. I worked for S.H.I.E.L.D, and occasionally Tony Stark would have me do a few jobs for him, mostly flirting with people so he could get information. He liked me more than Steve.

I had kind of retired from my superhero status. My leg made it harder for me to fight, even though I was still stronger than the average men. 2 years ago was my last official mission. The Battle of New York alongside my brother and the Avengers, which consisted of Steve, Natasha, my best friend, Clint Barton, another person I trusted with my life, Tony Stark, Howard's son, Bruce Banner, a lovely scientist I met, who due to a failed experiment, turns into a beast called the Hulk, and a man named Thor, who was from space. Yeah. He was the God of Thunder, self proclaimed. Actually the nicest guy I've ever met. After the battle he said I was " A woman of immense strength, worthy of only the finest of things." He almost crushed my body with a hug after that.

That was my last mission, as Loki, Thor's adopted brother, yeah I know, took complete advantage of my fears, used his mind tricks to try and drive me nuts. Thankfully, Thor snapped me out of it, and for Steve's sake and my own, I promised him, no more field work. I know worked in the S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters in Washington D.C. as an undercover agent and a trainer for the newest agents. 

That's all that needs to be caught up. Here's the story of the worst week of my life.

Monday started hopeful. I had an early start, going to the gym before coming home to get ready for work. Steve was up, but clearly hasn't been as productive as me.

" Any adventures today, Captain?" I asked.

He shook his head, " Unless Nat texts me, I have a day off."

" Lucky boy." I said, " Tony wants to meet me for lunch. I assume he needs me to do something. Then I have about 500 mission reports to file and send."

" How do you micromanage that whole office?"

" I can't go out and punch people, so I'm the scariest secretary S.H.I.E.L.D has ever had."

" Scarier than Natasha?"

" Physically, maybe. But that's because I'm bigger."

Steve smiled, " Also, lunch with Stark. I wish he liked me that much."

" His father was ready to marry me. Also, you're both too headstrong to be friends."

" Hey."

" Am I wrong, Steven?"

He shrugged, " No. I hate to say how much I miss you on missions. It was easier when we watched each others backs."

I tapped my leg, " Blame HYDRA for that one."

My leg was nuts. Tony made it for me, I think it was to make it up to his father since they never got along. It was amazing. It was the same grey as my old suit, and Tony had the best surgeons in the world connect it to nerves and all that other fun medical stuff. It was basically my leg. I could wiggle my toes. I could run and jump like normally. It was amazing.

" I blame HYDRA for a lot of things." Steve said, " Go get ready for work. Jeez that's weird to say. How am I not the one working anymore?"

" You work in other ways, Captain America." I messed his hair up, " It ain't 1940 anymore. Little sister has a big girl job now."

" As long as you're not in danger, I'm fine with it. Oh! I met someone this morning. His name was Sam. I have new stuff for us to look at. To catch up."

Steve and I had computers, we spent most of our time reading, catching up on the times. There was a lot. But it was another normal thing to do together. I nodded, " Perfect."

I liked normality. Yeah, it was constant. But it made me feel better. Do I miss fighting and being super strong and righteous? Yeah sometimes. Mostly because of how much I worried about Steve.

" What would you think if I came back? Into the field."

His happy expression turned grim, " I suppose I couldn't stop you, now I could I?"

" Not one bit."

" You think about that, Mar. That's your choice. You're 27. I don't tell you what to do."

" It's probably not going to happen. Metaphorical questions to stress you out."

He rolled his eyes, " For someone who kept their shield and uniform, I highly doubt anything is metaphorical."

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