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Age : 17

- General POV -

" You're a waste of life! " Ted screamed into his son, Mike Wheeler's face.
Tears had been threatening to fall from Mike's eyes for a few minutes now and this was the breaking point.
" I wish you were fucking dead! " Mike yelled back at his father, there was silence for a few seconds as tears spilled down Mike's face.
And then it hit him, Ted Wheeler's fist hit into Michael's face, immediately causing him to pass out.
Mike fell to the floor, his head pounding on to a ground, a loud audible thump could be heard.
That was when terrible turned to tragedy.
Mike immediately started having a seizure
Ted realized the chaos he had created and immediately ran to the phone, calling the police
" Hello, Yes, my son is having a seizure! It's really bad! Please be quick! " He yelled into the phone, crying now.
He had felt as though he ruined everything.

~ the verdict ~

" I'm sorry, your son is in a coma. We will keep him on life support but he only has a 35% chance of survival. "

Karen's heart broke at that statement
Ted had snapped

He immediately broke down into tears, muttering apologies and cursing himself.
Sobs filled the room as Ted let out all his emotions and regrets.

" I'm a monster "

Karen had tried to stay strong but refused to comfort her husband.
He was the one that caused this.
Her son.
Her son was now at a high risk of death because of her incompetent husband.
She would not comfort that monster.

~ the message ~

Karen picked up the hospital phone, tears in her eyes, dialing the Hopper's number.
" Hello? " A calm, soft voice answered after three rings.
Karen paused for five seconds " Mike is in a coma. He may not make it. " She cried out, her voice hoarse and crackly.
El paused for three seconds, when she finally responded all that could be heard was a weak " no " and then loud crying before the phone hung up.

Within minutes El and Jim Hopper were running into the hospital,
El sobbing her heart out
Jim with tears in his eyes
He'd never admit it but Jim had grown fond of the young Wheeler boy.
After all, Jim wanted the best for his daughter and Mike was truly the best.

" We're here to see Michael Wheeler " Jim stuttered out to the lady at the front desk.
" He's right down the hall to the left, room 22b " The woman replied, emotionless.


I ran into the room, my heart in a million pieces.
I saw Mike. My Mike.
He looked peaceful in the hospital but knowing he may never wake up broke my heart into a billion pieces.
I immediately fell into Karen's arms, all I could do was cry.
The worst things always happen to the best people. Mike always said that to me. Now I know it's true.

If Mike dies my heart will die with him.
That's a fact.
People could say I'm too young or inexperienced to know what love is.
But I know what it is.
It's this.

I'll wait for him my whole life if I have to.
I love Michael Wheeler.

" I'm so sorry honey... " Karen said softly, her voice crackly from crying too.
" It's not fair... " I cried into her chest. She wrapped her arms around me and I wrapped mine around her.
" I know...but he'll be okay. He loves you, he won't leave you. " Karen replied sadly.
" You can't be sure " I choked out, Karen pressed a kiss on the top of my head, " I can hope " She said and rubbed my back, letting me cry my eyes out.


Seeing El so broken over Mike made realize again how much they truly love each other.
Every day I see how much they love each other but this is just different.
This shows me how true their love is, how Mike loves El with his whole heart and how in return she loves him with hers.
" I'll leave you alone, honey. " I said weakly and left the room.

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