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(y/n)'s POV
We were at the livingroom,while the elements and ochobot were asking me questions

"your eyes are really pretty!!"thorn said while smiling my face quickly turned red

"She's not your's Thorn! So back off!"blaze warned Thorn while glaring at him

"Don't you dare start a fight in front of a pretty lady"quake glared at the two

"Yeah have some respect! You idiots!!"light said while his arms were crossed,oh God better get out of this fight!

"I-im going upstairs now"I stuttered while quickly running upstairs to my room,I closed the door and went out of the window and sat on the roof"well master,you were right I'll be just fine"


"Great now you scared her!"blaze said while impatiently taping his foot"calm down I'll get her"solar volunteered as he started walking to (y/n)'s room to check her

(Y/n)'s room
Solar slowly opened the door while searching for the girl but no one was there he spotted that the window was open so he went there and slowly went to the roof and he found the girl he was looking for

"There you are"solar said while sitting besides the girl"oh,sorry I walked away"the girl apologized while looking down"I should be the one apologizing, because of my brothers behavior"he stated as looked into the girls purple eyes like he's in a trance

"What are you doing here?"he asked at the girl"I always want to see the moon before I sleep it makes me calm all the time"the girl stated as she looked on the moon the boy didn't say a single word which made the girl say something unexpected

"You may think I'm weird but it is true"the girl said,the boy then cupped her cheeks and looked her in the eye"your not weird,but you know I do that too"the boy replied the turned red

(Y/n)'s POV
"....."silence filled the air"really?"I said in a shocking tone solar Chuckled and pulled me closer in his chest"your just too cute y'know"he stated while brushing your hair with his fingers gently"no one ever said that to me"I said while looking at his eyes with a tint of sadness

"Well I'm here and my brothers too,and my other friends"he said while smiling"do your friends have powers like yours?"I asked in curiosity"yeah-"I cut him off

"Time manipulation,shadow manipulation, gravity manipulation and food transformation"I said solar was shocked"oh,but it's just a hunch"I continued"but your right!"he said in amusement I summoned my orb"I can see the future with this"I explained and showed it to solar but I accidentally yawned cutely which solar was stunned

"Everything is cute about you"solar commented"but we should get you in bed"solar added and carried me bridal style"s-solar!"I stuttered in embarrassment"don't worry you won't fall I got you"we went inside,he placed in my bed a d tucked me in and kissed my forehead"Goodnight cutie~"I flushed in red after he gave me a nick name he closed the door,I was fangirling inside my head

Solar's POV
Whoah!.....I didn't know that (y/n) could be that cute I heard her fangirling,I chuckled and started walking until all of my brothers were in front of me they were glaring daggers at me"wHaT dId yOU dO To HeR?"they asked impatiently"nothing"I said and walked to my room and closed the door

(Y/n)'s POV
iiiyyyeee!!!.....there so handsome all of them,o god why am I feeling this it feels like my heart's beating faster when solar kissed me"am I inlove with them?maybe"I said and closed my eyes and drifted to sleep

Bonus scene
What (y/n) didn't know is that all of the elements were on her door and heard what she said they all flushed in read except solar because he was sleeping,until all of them were o there own rooms sleeping peacefully while thinking of there new crush.

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