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Jungkook just entered the room, and immediately the familliar girl approached him.

Not even caring about the girl beside him, which is you, just pushed you aside seeming like you both exchanged positions.

The girl hooked her arms on Jungkook's fore arm and held onto it. You just ignored it and rolled your eyes, while going to your seat.

The seats have been changed and is rowed into three. Jungkook following closely behind you with the girl you met on the canteen still on his side.

You saw Jimin alone on the side where there are three vacant seats, which you assumed the seat next to him is reserved for you.

You basically ran towards him while yelling,


The said man stood up from his seat and opened his arms with a huge smile, eyes turning into cresents. You copied him and let your bodies crush together.


Jimin: It's just 2 days. Plus, we talked on the phone.

You: I don't care.

You shook your head sideways and pouted. You both pulled away and you sat beside him grinning.

You then felt someone sat on your side since it moved. You turned your head on your side, only to see Jungkook flashing his famous bunny smile.


The bell rang, indicating the break time has started. The students rushed to go out, except for you, Jimin, and Jungkook. Oh, also the girl who's so clingy with Jungkook earlier as if they're so close.

??: Jungkook~ Let's eat together, shall we?

Jungkook: Oh, sorry I can't. Gotta eat with my friends.

He tried shrugging her off as she wrapped her arms on Jungkook's right arm. You can see the irritation behind the gentle smile that is on his face.

You: We.. are actually busy.

Jungkook: And I remember that I don't know your name, but you seem familiar..

Jungkook managed to remove her off him. The girl gasp.

???: You don't remember me? I'm Mina! Your future wife!

the three of you looked at her in disgust.

You: We'll get going then, come on Jungkook, Jimin.

You stepped forward, but you were stopped by the girl named 'Mina'.

Mina: Then I'll join you.

You sighed in frustration, you were about to speak but Jimin spoke first.

Jimin: We have some private matters to talk about.

Mina was about to speak, but you grabbed Jimin and Jungkook's hand and ran towards the door and went to the rooftop.

Mina was too slow, so she lost you.

Jungkook: I hate that girl already. She's to clingy. Ugh~

He was the first to speak after catching your breathing.

Jimin: Right, it feels like you have no privacy.

You: Oh yeah, I remember her being all head over heels for you, now for Jungkook.

You then laughed. But you remembered something that made you stop.


Ooooh~ What do you think she remembered?
Damn Mina, why are you so famous.
Oh btw, I didn't mean the Mina yknow.
Just that famous antagonist on some fanfics.

I didn't really expected that there are going to be lots of readers.
Thanks for reading btw.

As always, stay healthy.



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