My Beloved, Forgive Me... Won't you? 1.1

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"While we're waiting for the storyline... Host can go to her real world after she completes her tasks."

"How? Aren't I supposed to go back to my world after I finish all the tasks?"
I asked in confusion.

"Host can go back to her world after she finishes one task, although it is temporary, it's at least good that you can go back to your world right? Though, the time limit is only a month."

"I do need points for that, right?"


Eh? Why does the system response sounded like it is looking at me like an idiot.

And what's up with the changes of attitudes?

I'm really confused with this system...

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, n-nothing!"

"Suit yourself."

Again! Where did this sudden change of attitude come from!

If I have a phgsical body, I'm pretty sure I would be sweating cold sweat from this sudden change of attitude!

I was sighing mentally when a jolt of an unkown pain suddenly strucked me.




I'm supposed to be dead, aren't I?!

Look at me! It's transparent! I don't even have a solid body!

Then why can I feel pain?!

"Host, please endure for now. In the near future, Host will get used to it!" The system tried to reassure.

Shu Yue: .......

How will I get used to this kind of pain?!

Moerover, why did your personality change again?

Multiple personalities?!



It is an AI, it doesn't have human abilities.... right?

After a few minutes, the pain subsided a little...

Sigh, I guess it's fine if the pain is less even if it's just a little?

The pain passes along the minutes that go by. After the pain, Shu Yue started to analyze all the information that was given to her.

This training task took place in the modern world, it was a world in the business industry.

The male lead is Cheng Jing.

Cheng Jing was someone who came from a poor family, He, who strived his way to the top.

He is someone who is defined as perfect.

Indifferent deep black eyes that can make everyone around freeze in astonishment and awe, his black hair that emphasizes his cold, indifferent silhouette even more.

He has a fair complexion, not like a lady's but something that makes him look more like a star that can only be seen but cannot be reached.

He was the type to show gentleness only to the one he trusts.

Unfortunately, he was love-strucked by the wrong female lead, Mei Rong

The wrong female lead wasn't in love with the male lead of this world. She was the female lead in an another novel. The novels were created sharing the same universe.

The wrong female lead wasn't the typical docile and innocent girl, she wasn't the typical OP one either.

She was a girl who was OP in her own way, you could call her sharp tongue as one of her talents. But other than those, she wasn't the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. In fact, other girls are more beautiful than her. Especially in this business industry...

But if you look at the way she carries herself, you can tell that she is a hidden beauty. A hidden gem that is rare to be found.

She carries herself with a delicate grace, seemingly fragile but if you look at her eyes, you can see the braveness and passion that lies in it.

It was no wonder how Cheng Jing fell in love with her!

Thus, with all of that, Cheng Jing became a second male lead in the other novel.

Unfortunately, he was already married to someone else, Luo WeiYing.

Luo WeiYing was an innocent girl who fell in love with Cheng Jing when he was still poor.

Being with him for how many years, she thought that her love could finally be reciprocated.

Out of gratitude, Cheng Jing married her, giving her all what she wanted but love.

He couldn't give her one thing she desired the most. Even all the things he gave her, she didn't want them nor need them.

Anywho, all of what she wanted was just the reciprocation of her love to him.

But, Cheng Jing cheated.

And that's the most unacceptable fact!

Luo WeiYing found out about it, and drastically changed.

Her once lively and quirky personality, changed into a villainous woman.

Unfortunately, when Cheng Jing married Luo WeiYing, he inherited her father's company.

Luo WeiYing's father died, Thus, entrusting Cheng Jing to take care of the inheritance.

She wanted to divorce, wanted to finally break out from the hopeless marriage.

But with Cheng Jing refusing to give the inheritance to her, she couldn't.

Thus, a wall was created between them.

Luo WeiYing who once was foolishly in love with Cheng Jing, is still in love with Cheng
Jing, but hates him as much as she loves him.




What the--...?

What a messy world!

Hey, System!

I thought this is just a training world!

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