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you made your mess.
you always had a choice,
every step of the way you made
decisions that led you to where you are now
you could've told yourself no,
you could've spared us both so much pain,
but you chose not to
you did this to yourself,
and in the end,
you lost someone that loved you very much
you knew you hurt me
and instead of simply apologizing,
you ran as fast as you could
maybe you knew "sorry" wasn't enough,
or perhaps you just didn't want to fix it
you decided that if you could just
pretend all if it never happened,
it would just go away
you can run all you want,
but every choice you've ever made,
every regret,
every mistake,
it catches up to you
you can close your eyes,
you can try and forget,
but no matter what,
you're going to remember

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