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Sophia's Dress

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"Hey Sophia!" I hear Perrie's voice. I look back to see the girls, all with dresses in hand.

"Oh hi guys," I say and give a fake smile. Perrie gives me a weird look.

"Honey whats wrong?" she asks.

"You guys all have beautiful dresses and I can't find anything that looks good. This is my first award show and I don't want to dissapoint anyone. I want to look sexy, I'm imagining something with lace, maybe?"

"Rule number one, we don't worry about what everyone thinks. You love Liam and he loves you. Right girls?"

"Yeah!" The sisters say.

"Thanks guys.Think you can help me find a dress?"


I start in the first rack and quickly wiz through, I hate these. I go to rack two and see nothing I like on that one. I'm about to give up when I hear Kaleigh yell my name.

"Sophia! You need to try this one on!" She says while walking towards me with a dress.

I take a closer look at it. It's a figure hugging dress that is covered from head to toe in black lace with a nude underlining. It's floor length and has a sweet heart neckline.

"I love it! Let me go try it on," Kaleigh nods and I go to the dressing room.

I slip it on and it looks sexy but not too sexy. I think Liam will love it. I take it off and open the door. All the girls are waiting outside it.

"I love it!" I yell and they embrace me in a group hug.

"See I told you we would help," Perrie says.

"So, what do you say we go pay and then get some drinks? I'm buying," Kayla offers.

We all agree and go pay.

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