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Working in the world's biggest company is a big deal. Especially when you're working directly for the boss; as in you're his assistant. I have worked in G&SP Ltd. for approximately two and a half years as my boss's assistant; not secretary, assistant.

He is a mean man when you get on his bad sad, I've seen what his anger is capable of, but luckily, I've never gotten on his bad side which is good.

The job is not a bad one, in fact it's only a lot of walking back and forth with piles upon piles of files in your arms. It pays well, enough for me to help support my family and my sister who just got accepted into a really good college. Even though it's a hectic job, I wouldn't give it up for the world, seeing that I got lucky when I first applied.

Applying and and actually getting a job at G&SP Ltd. is near to impossible. Mr. Graham is very picky with who he hires at his company due to his high reputation. I mean I would be too. You can't blame the guy either, he runs a multi-billionare company! It's the biggest in the world.

One of the problems of working there is having a really good looking boss. I'm not saying that I like him or anything, but I am attracted to him. I mean who wouldn't be? All of my female coworkers swoon when he walks past them, they're all goo-goo eyes for him to which I roll my eyes in return.

I don't think that I'll never not see him as just my boss, well because he is just my boss. I also think that he has a girlfriend which is not a bother to me nor apart of my business. That's his life.

Once he pays me my hard earned money every week, I'll be good and I wouldn't need anything else.


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