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Please read author note at the end it's important

Both Mark and Donghyuck laughed at each other's silliness.

"Mark there's something I need to let you know..."


Donghyuck paused and looked up. Donghyuck turned back to him. Before Mark could say anything Donghyuck grabbed his collar and kissed him. Marks eyes closed instantly as he kissed him back.

Mark starting to sit up while Donghyuck found seating on his thighs straddling him as they made out.

"I-I love you" Donghyuck said against his lips.

Mark smiled into the kiss as Donghyuck grabbed his collar bringing him closer to where there was no more room. Donghyuck and Mark pulled away soon to catch their breaths.

"I-I don't know if I can love you though" Mark said as tears threatened to fall. Donghyuck started to panic "w-why?"

"My parents are homophobic Donghyuck I'm sorry I can't" Mark said sobbing into his shoulder. Donghyuck held him close "h-hey it's okay we'll get through this... together, I promise, I won't let anything happen to you"



"O-okay" Mark dried his tears and Donghyuck cupped his face kissing his forehead then his nose.

"You missed a spot"

Before Donghyuck knew it he was lying down on the roof with Mark hovered over him.

"Yah! Let go of me!" Donghyuck squealed while giggling

"How about... no" Mark smashed his lips against the younger, Donghyuck eagerly kissing back. As they pulled away they couldn't hide their smiles as they were finally together.

"Lee Donghyuck will you be my beautiful boyfriend?" Mark asked looking into his eyes waiting for his answer

Donghyuck answered with a grin "yes"

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