Will you go out with me?

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Once I was out the room, I looked back to my display.

Unknown number:

Would you like to go out with me?


Short and straight to the point, why did he take so long to text this? I gave him also a short reply, before heading down to Mavis. I already have an idea of where to go to on our first date. Mavis arranged it for us. "Mavis, could you book another ticket for Harry three eyes?" She wanted to know of why I wanted another one, since I have one already, "You see, Drac and I want to go on a date."

Mavis looked surprised, "Really?!"

I showed her the message on my smart phone. The young vampire was amazed of her father's move, smiling at me, "I arrange it for you to have a table for two." "Thank you, I appreciated." While she wrote it down, Mavis had something else in mind, "How is Jonny?" Remembering how I left him, still send me shivers down my spine, "He was singing songs...basically back to normal as he can be." Mavis was happy to know; that I was the one Drac has his eyes on. Since I am a friend of Jonny's, she assumes I am a good person for her father. Her only concern is, that her dad is making it work. Eunice and Wanda told her how much of a shy person he was when he dated her mother. Martha had to make the first step...every time.

Back in Dracula's room, he was waiting for my reply.

With his legs shaking violently, he sat on his coffin. The sound of his phone made him jump in surprise. With shaky hands, he opened the message.

Unknown number:

I love to, tomorrow at the magician. Don't be late!


This poor vampire was now extremely nervous. He wasn't sure if he should be jumping in joy or scared that he might mess it up. One thing was for sure, he wanted to look his best. Through his wardrobe was only his usual clothes and pyjama. The clothes he had on his last vacation, he threw them away. It was his way to carry on after Ericka. The other thing he needs is to ask his friends for help. He wasn't sure of how to talk to me. He assumed Jonny could tell him something about me as well. Without wasting any more time, he headed towards the room Jonny and Mavis share. He could hear something snore loud. Drac looked confused as he saw the boy on the floor...sleeping deep. He pulled him up by his shoulders, laying the boy onto the bed. The Count wasn't sure of what happened to Jonny, sicne he wasn't there. But nothing Dracula did helped to wake him up. He even wrapped the boy up in a blanket and threw him against the wall...nothing! His frustration got worse, "Jonny wake up...I need to talk to you!"

Suddenly, he opened his eyes a little, mumbling something, "I want to walk with you too"

"I said talk to you! I need your help."

"Drink and drive safely..."

"What? Wake up Jonny!!!"

But he didn't, instead he started to talk nonsense, "Condoms are for safety...and making ballons."

Drac knew that he was a wierd human, but now, he was sure that Jonny had lost it, "What the hell are you talking about?!!!"

"Make love, listen to the music..."


He had no choice...


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