Ch.13: My God's Promise

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"We have arrived on B6."

Bleak gray walls greet Ray's vision, as she and the priest step off the elevator.

It feels like forever since I was last here on B6. The last time... I was being chased by Zack. He came after me to kill me.

...I should have let him.

"Zack's floor corresponds to his mystique; 'tis uncomplicated in design," Gray tells her, standing off to the side with his arms tightly crossed. "Now make haste."

She doesn't need to be told twice. Without even glancing at the man, she runs down the hall, while memories of the past swirl around in her head.

This floor is where we... Zack and I, met.

...It's almost funny how things are between us now.

Entering the main floor, she recognizes the hall. Images of Zack running after her, scythe swinging, and those bi-colored eyes glinting in bloodlust re-emerge from her memories. The echo of his laughter still lingers. Instead of filling her with a sense of fear and paranoia, it feels almost... nostalgic.

Her brows knit together. Gotta get it and hurry back...

Where should she even begin? Yes, the floor is fairly easy to figure out... but what does Zack want from the floor? She never asked him specifically, and he offered nothing to give her a hint. Nor where in the floor she'd be able to find it.

A broken picture of the mangled bird she'd tried to save flashes through her mind— and the doorway behind it, which he'd burst through. That loud, explosion of a moment still feels like moments ago, and she finds her feet leading her back to that place.

Before even she knows it, Ray's standing at the once-boarded up entryway of the building Zack had come through. The long-dried puddle of blood from the bird still remains, along with the shattered wood remnants from his noisy exit. Standing here, it feels like he could pop out of the doorway any moment to chase her down the aisle again.


The inside of the building is dimly lit and obscured. and she peeks into it cautiously. She's not sure if her hunch is right, but it's worth a shot all the same.

Inside here...?

Her curiosity carries her into the narrow hall. It's dusty and dirty, and her boots crunch along the unclean floor— but she continues anyway, wanting to see what lies ahead.

The stone floor gives way to a checkered black and white tile, and Ray stops. For a moment she drinks in the surroundings, her eyes slowly scanning over it all.

This room...

It's excessively messy, certainly, but it feels lived in. Almost homey, even. Trash is strewn along the floor, as well as used bandages. A single short table sits in the center of the room, and to the far end is a couch and crate. A dirty steel sink is off in the left corner, covered in blood.

This place is a pigsty, but it feels like somebody was here...

Could this be where Zack was staying...?

Ray swallow. Though she's in a rush, something about all of this piques her interest. This place is where Zack lived before she came along, and it all screams of his presence. It's like she's walked into his own personal bubble, exposed for her to see with her own eyes.

I know I'm in a hurry, but... I'm a bit curious about all of this.

Her footsteps are quiet as she walks forward, eying the various objects around her. A magazine at her feet is covered in black scribbles, as if he'd tried to write on it but failed— but graffiti around it was rather well made.

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