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"It's here!" My sister exclaimed as she sorted through all of the mail, holding up one letter in specific for me to see. I snatched it out of her hand, quickly reading it.

It was from the palace.

I quickly tore open the paper, revealing the form that was sent to every girl who qualified. I grabbed the pen that was lying on the counter next to me and started reading some of the questions. I was extremely eager to fill it out and get it done with.

"Help me do this," I told my sister, beckoning her to come over and read the form. She took a few steps closer, looking over my shoulder.

I filled out the easy stuff first.

Name: December Callisto

Guardians: Nina Callisto and Brian Callisto

Caste number: Five

The caste was an easy one to answer, but one that I definitely didn't enjoy putting. Our country had a caste system, Ones being the royals and Eights being under the worst circumstances. They pretty much had nowhere to live, and they had to steal food.

I was a Five, so my conditions weren't that bad, but they definitely weren't as good as the castes above ours. Our entire family, including my fifteen year old brother, had to work just to live comfortably. That was why my parents were away most of the time. They played music, mostly for parties that the Twos held. They had to fly around to different provinces, so June was usually the one taking care of us.

"What is your occupation?" My sister read aloud. "Just put art," she said, looking towards me.

Most Fives had to do something in the artistic field, which was why my parents performed. June liked anything to do with baking, so she made and decorated cakes for people's birthdays around our community. My brother liked to sing and play the guitar, but unfortunately I wasn't very good musically. I could play instruments, but I definitely couldn't sing well. So I drew and painted.

"What languages can you speak?" I read, slumping back into the bar stool. I learned a little bit of French when I went to high school, but not enough for me to actually speak it. The only language I really knew was English.

I sighed, writing down English. I was worried that I wouldn't get chosen simply because my application didn't seem impressive. Most girls signing up probably went to college because they had enough money, and that definitely looked better on the form than having to say "couldn't afford college."

After about half an hour, I finally finished filling out the paper. If my sister hadn't been there to help me, I would have probably taken much longer.

I took the form, folding it neatly and placing it in the rectangular envelope. I closed it, sealing it with a circular golden sticker. I turned it over, writing the address in ink and then placing the stamp in the corner.

"Alright," I said, taking a deep breath. "Let's bring this to the Postal Office," I stated happily, walking over to the front door and slipping on my shoes. My sister followed behind me, opening the door.

"We're leaving!" I yelled to August, who was probably in his room playing the guitar.

"Bye!" He screamed back.

June and I had to walk there because neither of us had a car, and it wasn't that far away anyway. We didn't enjoy walking through the freezing cold, but it was the easiest way.

When we finally arrived, we noticed that there was a line going out the door. And it was extremely long. I groaned as I realized that we'd have to stand outside in the New York winter for even longer.

Luckily, I saw a friend of mine who I'd known for a few years. She lived in the same apartment building as me, so we hung out a lot.

"Hey Morgan!" I exclaimed, running up behind her. She turned around with a smile, her light blonde hair bouncing off of her shoulders.

"Hey! She replied, pulling me into a quick hug.

"So you're entering this? I thought you didn't care for Prince Tyler?" I asked confusingly. When they announced the Selection, I instantly told her that I wanted to try and win. She told me that it wasn't really her thing, and that she didn't even want to compete.

"I don't," she said, sighing. "My mom is forcing me because we need the money," she explained, and I nodded my head understandingly. Since Morgan was a Six, I definitely knew where her mom was coming from. Even if she didn't win the competition, you get money just for getting picked to go to the palace. So if she got in, it'd be a big help to her family.

"So... I hope that you don't get in?" I told her, raising an eyebrow because I wasn't exactly sure how to respond. She smiled and nodded her head, taking a deep breath.

"Hopefully," she replied. "If I go, I'll probably beg the prince to kick me out the moment we meet."

"Surely he won't be that bad," I said, secretly trying to reassure myself. Everyone seemed to be joining this simply because they wanted to marry a prince. I mean, it did sound pretty appealing, but did we really even know who he was as a person? He could be totally stuck up and condescending. I hoped that wasn't the truth.

Before we knew it, we were at the front of the line, so we turned in our forms, trying to get out of there as quick as possible.

"Finally," June whined as we managed to squeeze through the crowd of people who were still waiting. She was probably very annoyed at the fact that we had to wait there for the past two hours. "If you don't get picked after all of this, I'm throwing hands."

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. There were millions of other girls around the country who had to wait too. Maybe they deserved to get picked over me. If I wasn't chosen, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. I would have been disappointed, but I could live with seeing the prince marry another girl.


A few weeks later, the names for the winning girls were going to be announced on TV. If I said that I wasn't nervous, I would have been lying. My heart was like a hammer in my chest as my siblings and I waited on the couch, staring at the TV in anticipation.

The camera finally focused on Prince Tyler, meaning he was going to start reading the chosen names. He picked up a folded envelope and opened it, revealing the first name.

"Morgan Adams," he read aloud, causing my heart to skip a beat when I realized it was the Morgan that I knew. I felt bad that she had gotten picked, but I brushed it off because I was too nervous at the moment to think about it.

I payed attention, my eyes fixed on nothing but the screen. My heart sunk every time my name wasn't called. He was now opening the second to last envelope and I hadn't been called yet. I knew that I wasn't going to get picked. But I still had a tiny ounce of hope left.

"December Callisto," he said. His face was expressionless, but mine was the complete opposite. My mouth was dropped open, my eyes as wide as the moon. My sister screamed excitedly, and my brother trampled me with a hug. It soon turned into a group hug with all three of us.

"I can already see it," my sister said softly. "Princess December."

a/n: did i just add morgan adams in this story? yes i did 😎

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