Calum's POV

Why was she here? My ex-girlfriend Natalie is here. We had a nasty break-up, she cheated on me with one of my best freinds then I called her a 'no good slut' and we broke up. Now that I think about it, I hate her. She broke my heart, but I got over her and now, just when I was about to kiss Monse she shows up. 

"Uh, Natalie?" I ask. She has totally ruined my night.

"Hey Cal, what are you doing here?" She asked. I could ask her the same thing.

"I live here, what are you doing here?" I'll explain everything to Monse later, she looks very lost and the situation is pretty awkward.

"Oh, I moved here after we... you know... broke up." She said. Oh yeah i remember her moving, I just didn't know she lived here in California.

"Okay, we need to go, come on Monse." I said taking Monse's hand and walking right past Natalie.

Monse needed to get home so that's where we headed after the theater. I had fun tonight, apart from the whole Natalie thing.

"Who was that girl in the theater Cal?" Monse asked.

"Natalie is my ex-girlfriend, we broke up a few years ago. About three weeks after we broke up, she moved here. We broke up because she cheated on me, we don't need to get into details, but things were done and words were said." I explained. The whole time, Monse just nodded along, I'm glad she's not asking anymore questions. We just arrived at Monse's house and after she took her seatbelt off, I leaned in and kissed her cheek. She did something completely unexpected. She turned her head and our lips connected, I don't want to sound cliche, but I felt sparks. Scrap that, I felt full on fireworks.

"Bye Monse." I said when the kiss was over.

"Bye Cal." She said and got out of the car.

Now time to head home. The guys know about Natalie, so they shoud be suprised that she's here.

Luke's POV

Mia and I have been talking in her room all night about everything, her old boyfriends, her childhood, her parents, everything. She told me about what Josh told her this morning about cheating on her for a whole week. There's no doubt in my mind that he would have continued if Mia didn't catch him. If I ever see that guy again, I'm gonna kill him. My cheek still hurts really bad from our fight this morning. MIa even told me that she punched him. I wish I could have seen it, but my eyes were screwd shut in pain when it happened.

Now I'm in the living room puting on a movie. Mia is making popcorn and getting some Coke. The movie is starting and Mia is snuggling up to me, she's so cute. I love her so much.

About half way through the movie, Calum walks into the living room. 

"Hey bro, how was the date with Monse?" I asked. I could tell that he has a crush on her. Aw Cal has a crush.

"Luke, I hate to interrupt your snuggling time, but I need to talk to you and the guys." Cal said. This sounds important.

"Okay let's go upstairs, I'll be right back babe." I said and went upstairs with Calum. The boys and I are all in my room now and Calum is getting ready to talk.

"You guys remember Natalie, right?" Cal asked. I remember her, she made Cal sad for such a long time after she cheated on him. I hate her.

"Yeah." We all said in unison.

"Well she saw me at the movie theater tonight and she came up to me and said hi and stuff and that she lives here. She said she's lived here since after we broke up." Cal said. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that girl Josh was with from the party looked familiar. It was her.

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