How to grow your hair

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This is for naturally curly/black hair only please take no offence , I am black so l only know black hair

Use wild growth hair only
Do protective styling like box braids , wigs ,Marley twist
Take biotin or hair , skin , and nails supplement
Message your scalp
Trim your hair only when needed
Don't manipulate your hair everyday leave it alone
Deep condition every time you wash your hair
Detangle in small sections on wet hair with lots of conditioner
Protect your hair with a silk / satin bonnet
Try the rice method *
Don't let any and every "stylist " in your damn hair
Eat healthy , drink your water
Don't do your hair with broken or ripped nails , it'll snag your hair causing to break off
Wear gloves if you have broken or snagged nails

The rice method *   : 
What is the rice  water method :
Rice water is the starchy liquid that is left over when rice has been cooked or soaked . It has been  pegged as an amazing hair growth regimen due to its shocking result . Rice water is said to contain vitamin E and B
How to :

Pour rice into water and let it sit for 24 - 48 hours then drain it
Wash hair with shampoo
Rinse throughly  with water and pour rice water  onto your hair
Message the rice water into your hair and scalp
Leave on for 20  minutes and rinse hair with warm water

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