A Harry Styles fan fic; "Falling Fast" a love sory

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One Direction fan fic.

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Chapter 1

I watched as my Step-brothers car drove up to the drive way, although we have legally became proper step siblings we have lived together for a long while, since his mum and my dad had been together for about 5 years. I hear the doorbell ring and quickly squeeze a worn out pale pink rabbit plush in my bag, she has been my companion for ages. I slipped on a pair of boots and ran downstairs.

"Hey Lou." I greeted him,

"There you are Sky, we should hurry I have to get home and go to rehearsal.

He nodded to dad and gave his mum a kiss on the cheek. "Have fun on your honey moon you too!"

They were going on a month and a half honey moon to travel Europe, I would have gone to stay with aunt Lucy with my other step-siblings and sister, but now that I am 18 I didn't want to be stuck hanging around there for a month, so my dad called Lou. Since we are close in age, and he has always been immature for his age we got along quite well, we bonded when both our biological parents spilt, it was hard on both of us and instead of hating each other we grew to take care of each other.

"Okay young lady now some rules; no throwing huge fun parties while we're out of the house, otherwise we will feel left out.Lou said smacking on some gum.

"and no touching Zayn's mirror, also try to stay stocked up on food and feel free to cook for us as much as you want, im sure that will give Harry some time to relax."

"Yes sir!" i responded smiling.

"You will have a great time Skyler, i promise." he said more sincerely.

"I think after living with one direction for almost two months will be enough for the rest of my life." I said with a laugh.

Pulling up to the drive way Lou grabbed my suitcase and showed me to the apartment. Where a half naked Harry was, sprawled on the couch watching Tv. He quickly grabbed the blanket on the sofa and wrapped it around his bare body when he realized I was here.

"Hello Skyler, nice seeing you again! Looking forward to hang out with you!" Harry said in a slow deep voice, reaching in to hug me. I hugged him back. "Nice to see you too Harry. Its been a while." I responded. I had only met the boys once for a brief time.

"Harry show Sky to her room!" Louis shouted dragging in my man suitcases.

Harry led me upstairs into the guest room, where a queen bed awaited me. I jumped on it, the mattress felt like a cloud, with beautiful green silk sheets.

"Did you guys pick these out?" I asked stroking the silk sheets.

"No El did." Harry said referring to Lou's girlfriend. Harry sat down next to me, the blanket wrapped around his hips. He watched me as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

I woke up about 4 hours later, it was still light outside. I got up and decided to unpack, grabbing my suit case I realized it was much lighter, I opened it up and nothing was in there. Empty. I opened the dresser and found my clothes nicely folded in the drawers, my pants were in one long cherry wood drawer, and my shirts in another, and my underwear on the top. I checked the closet too, where my coats and dresses were nicely hung up, my shoes in shelves within the closet. Still in my jeans, and Jack Willis hoodie I had fell asleep in, I decided to freshen up. I combed my

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