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Hoi amigos-

So I basically find out, like 3 minutes ago that Laurens and Mulligan is a ship.

And do I ship it?

F u c k    y e a h


Enjoy this-

And woe such a edgy song

Its mah fav uwu


John was sipping tea. Enjoying sights of Ireland.

He just visited his boyfriend to meet his parents.

John jumped a bit as Hercules hugged him from behind.

"You startled me!" John giggled as he kissed his cheek.

Hercules picked him up.

John smirked.

"Wow, your horny? Its morning, baby boy~" John teased as Hercules smirked revealing his erection.

John gasped. He licked his lips hungirly, getting turned on.

"D..daddy.." he began to whine as he began to crawle to him.

"Suck it baby. Daddy want your mouth in my friend. Drolling all over my friend.. fuck that would be hot." Hercules bit his lip as he grab fistfull of Johns hair.

He opened mouth and began to suck Hercules big-ass cock, gagging a bit.

He slurped, sucked while Hercules tossed his head back groaning.

"John!! Fuck!!" Hercules screamed as he came inside Johns mouth.

John swallow all.

Hercules panted, pumping his cock.

"Fuck baby boy, you looks so fucking hot...turn around on your hands and knees." Hercules groweld.

John obligied and he soread his cheek.

"Fuck baby..." Hercules griwled as he started to finger and tingue fuck him at the same time.

John was moaning, screaming.

"HERCULES! FUCK!" John mewled.

Hercules put his fingers deeper inside him.

John sighed deeply in frustration and pleasure.

Soon Hercules removed his finger and replaced it with his cock.

He put his cock and waited for John to move.

"Hercy...daddy please move!!" John moaned.

Hercukes smirked but didnt moved.

"D..daddy?" John said as he turn to see Hercules. But before he can do that, Hercules put him at seating posution, as John whined.

"Beg, baby boy..." Hercules said huskily at his ear, gripping his waist.

John whined as he panted a deep breath.

"Daddy..." John started tearing up.

"What is it baby??? What do you want?" Hercules whispered, sending shivers down John's spine.

"Daddy please fuck me! Fuck me like there is no tommorow! Fuck me deeply!!" John whined and with that Hercules pounded into him, like there is no tommorow.

"I. LOVE. YOU!" Hercules groaned, pointing every letter as he was pounding on John, who was crying and whining like crazy.

Soon Hercules hit his spot and he climaxed as John screamed.

Herc oumped his dick few more times.
And then Johm cummed.

The both were panting as John slid off, Hercules cock.

John whined as he floofed on bed sheets and Hercules did it too.

"...i..i..fucking love you John." Hercules said as he kissed him.

"I love you too Hercy." John smiled as he snuggled to his chest, drifting to sleep.

The end




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