day two, ten pm.

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i tapped my fingers against the steering wheel impatiently. sitting inside my car, hiding away from the guards who were making rounds.

song jaesun was my most difficult target after his boss. i knew it, and he seemed to know it too, as he had visibly upped his security staff. i had expected only one guard to be at the gates of his home, but instead i had been met with two.

however, i still had the upperhand. i had gotten my hands on the house's blueprints, and i was aware of the back entrance that was only guarded by one person. he hadn't thought of hiring more people for that one, even though he should have known that was most likely where i would come in from.

silly mistakes can cost you your life.

slipping my hand into the glove compartment, i took out the last thing i needed to finish my job. that, and the one picture i kept of the four of us. staring at each of their faces, i took a deep breath and shoved the picture back where it belonged before stuffing my gun in my back pocket and exiting the car.

i moved silently in between the trees, hiding behind one once i was close enough. i watched as the guards fell into humorous conversation, neglecting their duties and giving me enough time to slip away from their view and head towards the back of the house.

taking out the remaining guard was easy. i approached him from behind, sticking the needle into the vein in his neck. i wasn't about to hurt someone who didn't deserve to be hurt, for simply doing their job, so i simply let the passed out man lie on the ground as i quickly exchanged my clothes with his.

the plan was perfect. it had to be, i had been thinking about it for months. putting all the pieces together, gathering all the information i needed, and also the strength and courage i needed as well.

it only took me five minutes to reach the top floor, lowering my head as i passed some of the other guards that were on the inside. thankfully, they weren't many, and none seemed to suspect a thing.

reaching the tall wooden door, i slowly knocked and took a step back.

"who's there?" the male voice from inside of the room spoke.

"it's kim," i picked possibly the most common surname in south korea, praying at least one of the guards would have that surname. "i have updates."

after some shuffling on the inside, the door was slowly unlocked and i pushed it open.

jaesun was standing with his back to me, looking out of the window. it was the perfect opportunity to kill him, and he wouldn't even notice me.

but that's the opposite of what i wanted.

"so? talk, boy, i don't have all night," locking the door behind me, i grabbed the gun from my back pocket, keeping it behind me.

"it appears the intruder has been successful," i spoke, eyes fixed on his frame as he slowly turned around.

"what do you mean--" he was about to question, but any words were rendered useless as he took one look at me.

and i was much too quick for a fifty year old man like him.

within a milisecond i was grabbing him by the neck, pulling him to the ground by his bed. pressing my thumb against his adam's apple, i knew it only took a bit of strength for me to kill him.

but i wasn't done yet.

"remember my face in hell," i spat, watching as the man all but turned blue under me, grabbing onto my wrist in a frail attempt to demove me. "this is for appa, eomma and chaeyoung," i added, tears on the brim of my eyes as i grabbed a pillow and put it over his face, my gun just over it.

and just like that, the bullet went through and the squirming died down, blood splattering onto my borrowed shirt.

letting go of the limp body, i stood up and walked to the desk in the center of the room. grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, i scribbled down the exact same thing i had in the previous night.

you know i'm coming for you.

laying the piece over my second victim, i fixed my shirt, tucking the piece that had fresh blood inside my trousers.

i exited the place even quicker than i had entered it. my hands still trembled, the gun in my back pocket heavier.

as i entered my car and started my drive back to the motel, i finally accepted it. i accepted the fact that i had been trying to deny, maybe for my own sanity, maybe for the sake of my parents and my fiancee's memory.

i had become a monster just like the people who had taken them from me.

and after the thirty minute ride, as i parked my car, i realized a second fact.

i didn't mind it one bit.

author's note

i wasn't going to publish this yet, but i've kept you guys waiting long enough! so here's a new chapter!

and OH MY GOD THIS COMEBACK IS LEGENDARY. like bts legit broke taylor's record by more than ten million views. THEY DID THAT.

and the song is so uplifting and so completely different. im so glad to see how much they seem to be enjoying themselves in this new comeback!

stay healthy and much love to you guys x

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