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Five months later

Third pov

"Jungkook! I'm not gonna say it again it's time to get up!" Namjoon yelled walking into jimin and hobis room to be ment with a sleeping maknae.

Everyone else was downstairs getting ready for the drive to the come back concert for tear.

"Jungkook!" Namjoon yell who had already gotten dressed and had make up on.

Well all the maknae did was grumble in his sleep and hide under the covers.

"Mm sleepy hyung." Jungkook said in a quite voice.

"Well it's not my fault you let Hoseok fuck you untill 4 am now it's time to go kook come on!" Namjoon said knowing Jungkook and hoseok had had sex last night since jimin fell asleep with tae in the living room and he had heard moans all night.

"Mmmm!" Jungkook whined which caused Namjoon to sigh and walk up to the younger.

You see it had been quite a long time since the horrid events bangtan had been through had happened and soon after Jungkook decided he was better they unpaused their hiatus.

They did multiple game shows, run episodes and interviews untill now when they were about to preform all their new songs for the comeback show where they would preform fake love, anapanman , airplane pt 2 and more.

You see in this time passed Jungkook had been doing so much better he had only had very few bad dreams the most recent being two weeks ago they had assumed they would never really go away but it was definitely better.

He hadn't cut, or starved himself though he'd be lying if he said he didn't think about once or twice.

But his boyfriends where always there for him to lean on for him to fall back onto when he would fall. And he was so damn grateful for that.

And he had had sex with his boyfriends plenty of times despite his new body type he was still a bottom.

And bangtan found it quite historical how ever since fake love and new run episodes every one is calling Jungkook a daddy and a top. They made fun of him for it all the time knowing that's not true because body type doesn't matter with who bottoms.

Any way Yes, in the last month's Jungkook had been working out, alot. He never wanted to be taken advantage of again he was to scared to ever experience that again. So he toughened up.

Now he had abs and muscles and now only a few of his boyfriends could pick him up.

Yet his still loved being dominated in bed. He loved how his hyungs made him feel, screaming their name, bucking his hip scratching their back- *cough* any way.

He was doing a lot better.

"Baby come on you have to wake up I know you didn't get alot of sleep but you can sleep in the car you know how much you wanna preform Infront of army's so come-on." Namjoon said petting his younger boyfriend's hair.

Jungkooks eyes slowly opened and he gave a small smile nodding his head.

"But you have to help me walk to the shower and give me some more pain killer's." Jungkook groggily said well namjoon nodded.

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