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Castiel was flopped over on his stomach with rap music coursing through his earbuds so naturally and familiar it was like blood through veins. His felt pen tip scrolling over his arm leaving art behind. the songs has become so familiar to castiel that his deep voice could easily murmur along side them. he enjoyed the music that was made with the words to fit and compel each other into the quick rhythm unlike other genres where the background music could often change and it would still sound pleasant. His pleasure with how the genre and words of the music worked was one of few things that kept him tied to the genre. when he first began listening he was appalled by the occasional filth of lyrics. after exploring and searching the music he found songs and artists to suit his taste. Right before the artist got to castiels favorite part of the song his phone chimed and the music was interrupted. the green bar across castiels screen read 'Dean'. he excitedly opened his phone secretly desiring to spend time with the green eyed boy from his language arts class.

Dean: hey man a few of my friends and I are chilling tonight, you interested ?

Cas: yup, if I can get a ride

Dean: sounds good I'll be there in 10

Castiel glanced down at the pen tattoo sleeve he'd given himself. it would take less time to finish and tweak it than to wash it off he'd figured and quickly began working away on it. With a quick ruffle to his hair so the under layer of blue would show through nicely he swept up his leather jacket with wings patterned on the back and was out the door calling to his mother Naomi that he'd probably be back in a few hours. The impala arrive not two minutes previous to cas going outside. He easily slid into the car, "so where are we headed Dean?"
Dean scowled at how he could look so punk but sounds incredibly then explained it was just Charlie's basement the teenagers enjoyed sitting around in.

When they arrived Cas was greeted kindly by two girls hand in hand. Their names were Jo and Charlie, they seemed very nice. There was benny who immediately called him brother, which he found odd but not too out of place. Crowley, was an asshole and seemed to have a love hate relationship with another girl Bela who was there. it was interesting to watch however Castiel was never fond of Crowley.

A few minutes into hanging out dean got out some beers which at first Castiel declined though realizing his alcohol tolerance was oddly above average. After two hours Charlie and Jo had begun making out and joked about how they could taste the different beers on each other's lips and how soon other places would probably taste like beer. Crowley smirked at this and was no more inappropriate than you'd expect. Dean refused to allow them into the other room as they all knew that'd turn into an awkward experience.i

Soon they were playing never have I ever. it was like an average teenage party. or what cas thought one would be like. they were in an alley, but they were drunk off their asses and were soon going to play spin the bottle.

The only way this was possible was because each person except Castiel had brought a six pack. Playing never have I ever got boring soon after the group discovered Bela has done almost everything. they soon moved onto spin the bottle. they'd confirmed before beginning that they'd be ok with kissing anyone, no matter what was Castiel's turn after recieving a sloppy 2 second laughing kiss from Jo. after spinning the bottle it slowed to a stop pointing at dean. neither of them had any problem with the situation. they both found each other interesting desirable and attractive.

The beer still had little effect on Castiel and he'd barely had any. He leaned over across the beer bottle in the center a tiny gulp of liquid still left.
" Oh come on cassy boy," Benny cheered and laughed, " he doesnt bite, that's me," Benny again laughed and playfully pulled deans shirt down to jokingly suck at a bruise left presumably by his mouth. Cas no longer reluctant to kiss dean scooted himself over and dipped his arm under Deans shoulder holding him tight against him for a kiss. their lips sloppily glided together perfectly and dean pulled cas into his lap. It was a fast kiss especially to end up in deans lap. he however didn't complain and quietly left deans lap contemplating how he would be able to see their friendship as a friendship after that. it wasn't that he minded the kiss, he did know dean was quite attractive and now he knew the other boy was also attracted to males. it would never work though, dean had Benny and cas had overly religious parents.

Castiel soon called his mother to inform her he wouldn't be coming home that night, not mentioning that his ride was drunk off his ass. Afterwards the night seemed endless. Castiel eventually became drunk, and rude. it wasn't horrible it was just that he stumbled around a bunch, used lots of sarcasm, and invaded everyone's personal space. it wasn't even sexually it was just that after Charlie would make jokes about certain places. smelling like certain things he'd move to close to smell her or Jo's breath and inform her that it wouldn't smell like daisies so much as it would elderberries. once everyone was asleep he remained awake and stared. he was an odd drunk and eventually fell asleep. The next morning when his new friends tried waking him the first words out of his mouth were
They tried again 30 minutes later, again the only word to escape his mouth was
Once they finally had him awake he and cas headed back to their houses and Benny went to his home. Benny was 23, five years older than dean but that did nothing to the relationship. he'd moved after escaping a gambling issue he'd dealt with back in Vegas. one night he decided to go. his girlfriend who he loved more than the universe itself had left him and he took it as a sign he needed to leave the thing he loved closest to her, gambling. His car needed work so he dropped it off at the shop where Dean worked and apparently tipped dean with something extra special. to be completely honest he didn't want to hear anything about the tip. he wasn't the slightest bit interested in his own sex life there was no reason to be interested in Dean's. Once home Castiel mused about Dean before showering and falling asleep once again.

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