Chapter 7: Pearl

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((Y/N)'s P.O.V.)

After the huge event of missing water here in Beach City and Lapis Lazuli flying off to Sugar knows where, we finally had time to at least relax a little bit before something happens again.

Steven was playing video games and I was thinking about what was the deal with Lapis. Is she evil, is she good? Man I don't know.

Garnet: "(Y/N), we have something to announce."

I looked up, curious about what she had to say.

Garnet: "As of now you are an official member of the Crystal Gems."

Amethyst turned into a banner again which this time said: "Congratulations". Steven appeared behind me with a small party horn much to my surprise.

Pearl: "This means that you will attend missions with us and remember: just because you are now a---"

I didn't hear what she said. I just turned to Steven and high fived him.

(No-One's P.O.V.)

Pearl stopped her sentence and just looked at them.

Pearl: "I hope he takes this serious..." she said, holding her head in one hand.

Garnet: "Trust me. He will..." she says that while adjusting her visors. "He has a bright future ahead of him."

Pearl: "Well if you say so..."

(Y/N) turned to Pearl

(Y/N): "So Pearl. I was hanging out with everyone but you now. I was wondering if you maybe uhh want to do something with me?" He blushed at that.

Pearl: "Sure. Why not?" Sweat and a blush appeared on her face. "It's not like we have anything to do, right?"

Steven: "So it's a date then?"

(Y/N) and Pearl: "NOOO!"

Amethyst: "It sure seems like it. Just look at you. You are both blushing."

Pearl and (Y/N) looked at each other but quickly turned away.

Everyone giggled except for the two. (Y/N) took her hand and went outside with her.

(Y/N): "Forget them. We are going to have fun and we won't let it get ruined by them."

(Pearl's P.O.V.)

(Y/N) took me to the "Beach City Funland". Still hand in hand. I don't know why but I wasn't thinking about letting it go anytime soon. I liked the feel of his hand in mine. Could it be that--

(Y/N): "So. Here we are. Do you want to go to the merry-go-round?"

Pearl: "Umm (Y/N). Aren't we too big to be on this ride?" I said, raising an eyebrow.

(Y/N): "I was just kidding. Haha."

Pearl: "I knew that..." I didn't.

(Y/N): "I was maybe thinking we could go on this huge roller coaster."

Pearl: "Sure..."

We got onto the roller coaster and took a seat in the front row. I normally wouldn't get on rides like this but with him... I felt different. The ride began to go up and as we reached the top we could see the seagulls flying around. And that's where I noticed that we were high, very high. I unintentionally touched (Y/N)'s hand. I wanted to move my hand away but I grabbed it instead. I hope he won't mind. As he began to notice this, he looked at me and said:

(Y/N): "Everything's gonna be-- Woah!" That's when the ride began to fall down.

We began to go down really fast. Once we reached the ground the ride got up again, entering a looping which was connected to a twist (no pun intended) afterwards. I began to laugh so much. It was so fun being on there. The ride slowed down and once it stopped we got off.

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